Student Life Review Committee

President Monaco created the Student Life Review Committee on December 22, 2016. The Committee was asked to conduct a comprehensive assessment of undergraduate student life at Tufts, with attention to the roles of residential strategy, student organizations, athletics, and clubs, as well as the Greek system. On June 1, 2017 President Monaco shared a summary of the Committee's recommendations and outlined some of the steps going forward.

What's Happening at Tufts?

Tufts is engaged in short-term and long-term projects to address the different dimensions of student life covered in the SLRC Report. While some recommended changes can happen quickly, others take serious, prolonged commitment from the university and engagement with students, faculty, parents, staff, and alumni about the future student experience at Tufts.

The University will host feedback forums and small group discussions, as well as hosting an online Idea Forum for students to share ideas to improve student life.

This website is a way to update the community continuously about current initiatives at Tufts to enhance student life and strategic plans for the future.