Diversity and Inclusion

"As a starting point, Committee members strongly recommend that Tufts acknowledge, with sincerity, transparency, and authenticity, that it is not yet as diverse and inclusive a community as it aspires to be, especially with regard to racial diversity; reaffirm its commitment to increasing the proportion of people of color—students, faculty, and staff— on campus; and communicate more effectively and consistently about steps being taken in these efforts. While making recommendations pertaining to recruitment and enrollment is not explicitly within the charge of this Committee, the lack of diversity on campus is viewed as a fundamental barrier to improving inclusion and community on campus and must continue to be a priority for the University if it is to fulfill many of the recommendations outlined in this report." 

What's Happening Now?

  • Launched the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President's Bridging Differences Task Force
  • Appointed Dr. Amy Freeman as the Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Provost. (Dr. Freeman left Tufts in Spring 2018, whereupon Robert Mack, Ed.D., assumed the role of Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer for the Medford /Somerville Schools and Joyce Sackey, M.D., assumed the role Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer for the Health Sciences Schools.)
  • Launched new programs for 2017 Orientation, including outside speaker Dr. Becky Martinez from the Social Justice Training Institute
  • Appointed new Group of Six directors, including Hope Freeman at the LGTB Center, K Martinez at the Women's Center, and Julián Cancino at the Latino Center. (K. Martinez lefts Tufts in Spring 2018. There is currently an active search for a new Women's Center Director.)
  • Collaboration between the Directors of the Identity-based Centers and the University Chaplaincy to create intergroup dialogue programs and expand campus groups focused on social justice, diversity and inclusion.