Remodeled Greek Life

"Members of the Tufts community hold widely divergent, often irreconcilable views about the value and sustainability of Greek life at Tufts. Interest and participation in Greek life had been steadily increasing until the moratorium in Fall 2016, but since then, demands for total elimination have been evident and organized on campus. Proponents generally believe the selective, single-gender membership model has merit and is an essential part of Greek life, while others believe that model is discriminatory and fundamentally antithetical to Tufts’ values of diversity and inclusion. Advocates of Greek life describe finding personal support, leadership development, and lifelong friendships through membership in Greek organizations; opponents charge that Greek organizations conduct activities and perpetuate practices that create unsafe spaces and harmful experiences for many other students. Proponents point to what they consider to be improvements in Greek life; others acknowledge some change but do not see sufficient evidence of movement toward greater inclusiveness, safety, and accountability among Greek organizations."

What's Happening Now?

  • Established a 3 year deadline for reassessment
  • Created a new Fraternity and Sorority Life Advising Model
  • Establishing a shared mission and values statement for Tufts Fraternity and Sorority Life that aligns with Tufts University values
  • Implementing new policies for the recruitment and new member process, including increased transparency and enhanced education for returning and new members
  • Creating new policies to improve financial transparency and lessen the financial barriers to membership
  • Creating new policies to enhance student safety at parties while enhancing the student social experience for members and non-members