Student Life Review Committee

On December 22, 2016 in a message to the Tufts community, President Monaco announced the creation of the Student Life Review Committee.  He announced the Committee’s full membership and charge in a message to the Tufts community on February 6, 2017.  The Committee was asked to conduct a comprehensive assessment of undergraduate student life at Tufts, with attention to the roles of residential strategy, student organizations, athletics, and clubs, as well as the Greek system.  

A brief outline of the Committee's purpose and membership is outlined below, along with an archive of messages to the community about the Committee's work.

The Charge

In his charge to the Committee, President Monaco asked the Committee to engage in a consultative process with opportunities for input from members of the Tufts community on and off campus.  Over the course of the 2017 spring semester, the Committee met with students, faculty, and staff in numerous forums and small group discussions, and organized forums for input from alumni and parents in New York City, Medford, and online.


The Committee was chaired by Susan Murphy, Ph.D., Vice President Emerita of Student and Academic Services at Cornell University. Two members of the Tufts University Board of Trustees, Deborah (Deb) Jospin J80, A14P and Daniel (Dan) Doherty III H03, served as vice chairs of the Committee. The Committee’s membership included faculty, students, staff, alumni and representatives of our host communities of Medford and Somerville. The full list of members is available here: Student Life Review Committee Members.

Previous Messages to the Tufts Community about the SLRC