Request a Medical Leave

Once the semester begins, an enrolled student interested in a medical leave must complete their request by the last day of classes that semester. A student may also take a medical leave prior to the beginning of the next semester even if they have enrolled in courses but are unable to start classes.

Steps for taking a Medical Leave

  1. Talk with Student Affairs and your Advising Dean or faculty advisor: We strongly encourage students to have conversations with their undergraduate Advising Dean or graduate faculty advisor and the appropriate Dean of Student Affairs. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to discuss leave plans with their faculty advisor or academic department. 
  2. If you are an International student, talk with the International Center.
  3. Complete the "Request for Medical Leave" form only after you have met with your DOSA resource: Once the student, along with the Dean or advisor, have determined that a Medical Leave is the best course of action, the student should set up an appointment with the appropriate Dean of Student Affairs staff member to complete the "Request for Medical Leave" form.*
  4. Prepare to leave campus: If the student resides on-campus housing, the student is required to move out within five business days of completion of the "Request for Medical Leave" form. If the student lives on-campus, they should contact Mail Services to let them know how to handle the mail.

*Once the "Request for Medical Leave" form is processed, the appropriate departments (i.e. Dining Services, Registrar, Office of Residential Life and Learning) will be notified.  (The notification will not specify the type or reasons for the leave.)