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Pre-Orientation Placements

Pre-Orientation placements have been announced! If you registered for a pre-orientation program, check your Tufts email account to see where you've been placed! Placements are also available online on the Application Status Page.

College Transition Advisors at Tufts

Have reservations about going to college so far away? Watch these online videos for tips from College Transition Advisors (CTAs) on the first year at Tufts! CTAs are a point of contact and academic support for incoming students. They assist with course selection, major exploration, concentration comparisons, pre-matriculation credits, transfer of credits, campus life, and referral to university resources. You can make an appointment with a CTA by calling 617-627-2000.

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Jul 1, 2016

First Summer Session ends

Jul 4, 2016

Independence Day (University holiday); Classes suspended

Help When You Need It - Student Affairs

Kyo wants to get more involved in campus life, but doesn't know where to start. She talks with Student Affairs and learns about opportunities.

Meet the Student Affairs Staff

Help When You Need It - Career Center

John wants to find an internship. He makes an appointment with the Career Center to talk about the steps to make a good impression.

Meet with a Career Center Advisor

Help When You Need It - Chaplaincy

Claire needs some guidance on how to find time in her busy schedule to reflect. She contacts the University Chaplaincy to learn about getting involved.

Get to know the University Chaplaincy

Help When You Need It - Financial Aid

Kai needs help figuring out his financial aid package. He stops by Financial Aid drop-in hours to learn more about requirements and deadlines.

Find Out About Drop-In Hours