R.E.A.L. Program

Resumed Education for Adult Learning

The REAL Program was established in 1970. Originally designed for women who had not had the opportunity to attend college, or who had interrupted their education to raise families, the program offered these women a chance to advance in their careers through attaining a college degree from a selective university. In 1976, the program broadened to welcome men as well.

At a time when most other programs denied institutional funds for financial aid to adult students, segregated them in special degree programs, and ignored the unique needs of adults returning to or beginning a college education, Tufts provided financial aid, enrolled its adult students in the regular undergraduate program, and provided resources to help meet their academic needs.

Today, the program continues this tradition of serving the needs of adult students. Each of the sixty or so REAL students receives individual attention from admission to graduation.

The REAL Program is open to adults at least 24 years old who are seeking a Bachelor's degree. Applicants should have some college experience, including at least two courses taken at either a two- or four-year institution within the last five years.

Apply to be a R.E.A.L. Student

For more information on the R.E.A.L. program, please contact Dean Carmen Lowe or Dean Kendra Barber617-627-2000

For more information on the application process please contact Thomas Esponnette617-627-5234