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The news is full of local and global issues that may give rise to anxiety and sadness; economic stress, refugee crises, food insecurity, and much more. Added to this stream of concerns, this past month has brought a series of catastrophic events causing humanitarian crises and horrific loss of life. We are deeply saddened by the suffering of all of those whose lives have been affected, and our hearts are with you and your loved ones. Some members of our community have been directly impacted by these events, while for others they are painful reminders of other tragedies or losses. Many of us, regardless of our closeness to or distance from these events, will feel overwhelmed and shaken as well.

In the aftermath of events such as these, it’s not unusual to feel sadness, anxiety, anger, or a mix of emotions, as well as feeling numb. We encourage you to seek connection, to discuss your thoughts and reactions with family, friends, and community members. Each person will have their own ways of coping, and we encourage you to pay special attention to your own physical and emotional health. Making a real effort to get enough sleep, to eat healthfully, and to avoid overuse of caffeine, alcohol, or drugs is helpful.  Additionally, you can decrease stress by taking a walk, taking a break from media, volunteering, listening to or playing favorite music, making or enjoying art, sharing a meal with people you enjoy, practicing meditation or yoga, journaling, etc. We encourage you to reach out for support as well as to extend support to others.

While these are things that can help get you feeling back to yourself again, there are certain reactions that may be best addressed with the assistance of a counselor. For example, if you or a friend start to experience difficulties with sleep, intrusive worries or memories, increasing substance use, hopelessness or despair, or thoughts of death or dying, remember that CMHS is here to provide a safe and confidential space to discuss these concerns with a counselor. If spiritual or existential concerns are paramount, Tufts has a wonderful chaplaincy to assist you

  • To make an appointment at CMHS, call 617-627-3360.  
  • After-hours emergency assistance is available by calling TUPD at 617-627-3030 and asking to be connected to the Counselor-on-call. 

For additional resources related to disasters and gun violence, please see these links at The American Psychological Association:

We are a diverse team of clinicians deeply committed to college mental health. We offer a range of free and confidential services to all undergraduates and to graduate students who have paid the health fee.

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