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Guidance for the Tufts Community Related to the Coronavirus

Tufts’ Office of Emergence Management continus to monitor the circumstances surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) along with various public health partners. At this time, we advise the Tufts community to avoid any travel to China. Please review our Community and Travel Guidance Related to the Coronavirus for the latest updates, including external resources and preventative measures.

Review Tufts' Community and Travel Guidance Related to the Coronavirus

We are your primary health care site and offer walk in hours and appointments, depending on your health care needs and busy schedule. Office visits are covered for all undergraduate and graduate students who have paid a Health Fee. We have a lab on site as well as a pharmacy that delivers daily. Student input and feedback is core to our mission.

  • Our Phone Number: 617-627-3350
  • Our Address: 124 Professors Row (across from Fletcher Field), Medford, MA 02115

*Please direct questions about insurance and billing to the Health Service Business Office.

Faculty: See "When Students Get Sick"

Walk In

Walk in for any acute illness or injury, whenever the office is open.

Make an Appointment

Make appointments for routine and follow-up visits either in person (124 Professors Row) or by calling 617-627-3350.

We Assist With

Health Concernsincluding Routine Care, Same-Day Concerns, and Immunizations

Sexual and Reproductive Health including STI Testing, Emergency Contraception, LBGQ Care and Trans Health

Administrative Support including Lab Testing, Translation Services, and Physician Referrals

Tufts has proven itself devoted to the promotion of healthy policies and advocacy for the wellbeing and health of all its students, faculty, staff and guests.