Student Accessibility Services

We strive to create accessible curricular and co-curricular environments for students with disabilities. When barriers exist in the academic environment or program, we endeavor to create equal access through the provision and creation of reasonable individualized accommodations for all qualified students. Through collaborative campus partnerships, we advocate for an inclusive and diverse Tufts community.

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Disability as Diversity--Art Exhibition

Come celebrate an art exhibition titled "Disability as Diversity, 'What does disability mean to you?'" on October 21st from 5:30-7:30pm in Tisch Library. Tufts students will show their interpretation of disability as an aspect of idenity and diversity.


Guest Speaker Finn Gardiner

Part of CAST's (Coalition for Autism Support at Tufts) mission is to advance the idea of autism as identity, and a social justice issue even more than a medical one. Tufts alum and former CAST member Finn Gardiner has fought for these ideals in the real world, and will be discussing his experiences with the Boston chapter of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. He will also discuss intersectionality, from his experiences as a queer autistic person of color to what we all can do going forward. Please join us in Eaton 201 on Thursday, November 17 at 9 pm to participate in this important discussion.

Art for Relaxation before Finals

Stop by the SAS Office at 720 Dowling Hall on December 1, 2016 from 2-4pm to partake in art activities like coloring, finger painting, and more to relax before finals period begins! 

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