Student Affairs

We are a central resource and can help you out when you’re not sure where to start.  We support an inclusive and safe community for all students and promote leadership development in partnership with many other campus offices.  Our mission is to help all Tufts thrive in our living and learning community.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Sep 14, 2016

Representatives from over twenty-five programs will be in attendance; all class years and majors welcome!

Sep 20, 2016

Last day for AS&E students to ADD classes by 11:59 pm EST on SIS

Sep 16, 2016

Seniors: thinking about writing a senior thesis? Dean Carmen Lowe and the ARC invite you to learn more about qualifications and deadlines for the thesis, support for thesis writers, and other important information. Come with any questions you may have!

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News & Announcements

JumboVote 2016

Tufts University has launched Jumbo Vote 2016 as a multifaceted, university-wide initiative to boost political learning, engagement, and voting in this year’s presidential election—and beyond. To learn more, follow JumboVote on Facebook and Twitter, check out our web site, and/or join our email list and share event ideas here. All members of the Tufts community may use to register to vote, request an absentee ballot and/or sign up for text and email reminders.

College Transition Advisors at Tufts

Have reservations about going to college so far away? Watch these online videos for tips from College Transition Advisors (CTAs) on the first year at Tufts! CTAs are a point of contact and academic support for incoming students. They assist with course selection, major exploration, concentration comparisons, pre-matriculation credits, transfer of credits, campus life, and referral to university resources. You can make an appointment with a CTA by calling 617-627-2000.

Returning to campus from studying abroad?

Not only do we have a reorientation program planned for you, but the International Center is looking for people to joing their Intercultural Conversation Program. It's a great way to keep up the language skills you honed while abroad!

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Student Personas

Students outside during matriculation The ACE Fellows act as academic and community role models, assist first-year students in learning about campus resources, and help to create a welcoming community for students’ personal development. These committed undergraduates also create innovative co-curricular opportunities for the Tufts community.
Students talking at matriculation The Judicial Advocacy Program offers Tufts students opportunities to work as advocates supporting their peers in the Student Judicial Process. If you are interested in issues of social justice or policy, or if you think working as an advocate might help as you prepare for graduate or law school, the Judicial Advocates can be a great opportunity to develop skills and meet students with similar interests.
Crowd at a Tufts football game The purpose of the Inter-Greek Council is to foster a unified community that upholds: the values of brotherhood and sisterhood; high academic standards; philanthropic action; development of the individuals of each chapter; and support for the greater Tufts community and Greek communities.