Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing Process and Descriptions: 2019-20 Academic Year

Each Special Interest House has its own application and selection process.

  • Applications for each Special Interest House will be posted on this webpage the week of November 13 and are due November 29, 2018 at 5 p.m.
  • Special Interest Houses have until December 12, 2018 to review applications and select their community members.
  • Students will be informed of their assignment to a Special Interest House by December 15, 2018.

Please note: Students do not participate in the housing lottery if they are accepted into a Special Interest House.

Apply to Live in Special Theme Housing!

(2019-20 Applications are available now)

To learn about the houses, you can visit them, view their websites, call ORLL, or contact the advisor or house manager (see below).

Africana Center (Capen House)

Capen House is one of the Special Interest Dormitories and is available for students with an interest in the culture and history of the people of the African Diaspora. This interest is explored through the completion of a series of required projects and programs undertaken by residents.

Selection Process: The Africana Center House Advisor will carry out the selection process for the 6 single and 5 double rooms. The Advisor will select the number of seniors and juniors to fill the available singles and sophomores to fill the doubles. The room assigned will depend on the lottery number assigned to students by Residential Life, therefore, the best lottery number chooses a room first. If you are a rising sophomore, a better lottery number affords you the opportunity to not only pick your room from among the available doubles, but also to choose your roommate from among the other selected applicants. Two waiting lists will be generated - one for singles and the other for doubles in the event that an accepted applicant changes housing preferences or does not return to school. Placement on the waiting list will also depend on lottery numbers.

Applicants will be required to propose 3 projects, at least one of which must be completed during the academic year and to attend all of the programs sponsored by the house mates. Residents are also required to attend at least 3 programs sponsored by the Africana Center each semester

Arts Haus

Students interested in an active and artistically diverse environment may live together in the Arts Haus.  During the year, there are numerous events that encompass a wide variety of artistic mediums. 

Asian-American House

The Asian American Culture House welcomes students interested in the Asian American experience.  Residents of the unit are required to organize activities related to the Asian American experience.  Past activities have included an art exhibit, food fair, informal afternoon gatherings with faculty, and discussions on Asian American issues and topics.

Jewish Culture House (Bayit House)

The Jewish Culture House provides a setting where students can live and develop in a Jewish communal atmosphere.  Residents sponsor programs aimed at informing the community about Jewish issues and culture.  The residents also maintain a kosher kitchen.

Chinese House

The Chinese House in collaboration with the Chinese Language Program is a language-based environment outside the classroom that promotes and facilitates language learning, cross-cultural exchange, and understanding within the larger community at Tufts.

Crafts House

The Crafts House is a cooperative living and learning community.  The members are dedicated to the operation of the Crafts Center, where members conduct workshops and share craft knowledge and techniques.  The Crafts House also operates as a food cooperative, where residents share responsibility for the purchase, preparation, and cleanup of meals.

French Language House

The mission of the French House, in collaboration with the French Language Program, is to provide residents the opportunity to improve their French language skills and gain exposure to French and Francophone cultures. A unique feature of this program is that three French exchange students live within the community each year. 

German Language House

The German House, in collaboration with the German Language Program, allows residents to enhance their understanding of the German language and culture.  Traditionally, the house acts as a resource center by offering practice sessions to students studying German. 

Green House

The Green House is intended as a focal point for the environmentally-minded community at Tufts, bringing eco-friendly students, organizations, and faculty together. The residents promote the spread of knowledge and passion for sustainable living. The house provides a living space for environmentally interested students and a meeting place for the larger Tufts community. Learn more about the Green House!

International House (I-House)

Residents at the International House (I-House) can experience an intercultural living arrangement and foster intercultural friendships and experiences.  Residents of the International House consist of a mix of students from different nationalities and cultures, including American. 

Japanese Language House

The Japanese House provides residents with an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the Japanese language and culture in collaboration with the Japanese Program. The residents gather bi-weekly for dinner and weekly for language “chats,” and celebrate Japanese holidays and cultural events.

La Casa Latina (Latinx Culture House)

La Casa Latina provides a support system to the Latinx community at Tufts, welcoming students interested in the Latinx Culture, and Latinx issues. In conjunction with the Latino Center, residents sponsor activities and events to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Latinx culture.  

Muslim House

The Muslim House offers any resident the opportunity to live in a uniquely Muslim environment.  Residents are able to enhance a cultural experience and expand their knowledge of Islam within a closely-knit community. 

Rainbow House (LGBT House)

The Rainbow House, located in the 160s of Hillside Apartments in 2017-2018 (45 Sawyer Ave for 2018-2019), provides a queer–friendly atmosphere for students who are interested in issues of gender and sexuality. Residents of Rainbow House create and maintain a living space that is affirming to all sexual and gender identities. The unit brings issues of queer students to the entire Tufts community through educational, social, and community programming. The Rainbow House also serves as a social outlet for queer students and their friends and fosters the sense of community for which Tufts has come to be known

Past events have included the Annual Halloween and Valentines Day Parties, Thanksgiving "Family" Dinner, Super Smash Brothers Tournaments, "The L Word" viewing of key episodes, Glamour Trash Oscar Party, Fall Pumpkin Carving, and Group outing to Boston University's Annual Drag Ball.

Please note: there is a maximum 2-year residency permitted in Rainbow House.

Russian/Slavic Culture House

The Russian/Slavic Culture House allows residents interested in Russian and East-European culture to engage in lectures, films, and dinners in conjunction with the Russian and East-European Program.  Students interested in applying need to have taken/be taking courses in Russian and East-European culture and history, be of Slavic or East-European background, or have a demonstrated interest in the field.  Knowledge and use of Russian or other Slavic language is a requirement, although the level is not important. One of the goals of the unit is to provide an opportunity for language practice.

Spanish Language House

The Spanish House with the Spanish Program allows residents to develop greater fluency in Spanish and enhance their understanding of Spanish & Latin American countries, lifestyles, and cultures. Residents hold weekly events where members of the Tufts community can stop by and enjoy refreshments and conversation.