Parents and Families

Orientation Events for Parents and Families

Arrival day for the Class of 2021 is Wednesday August 30, 2017. As parents and family members, we welcome you to join your students on campus on that day for a variety of welcoming programs. Students participating in one of our Pre-Orientation programs will arrive on an earlier date.

Download a Preview of the 2017 Orientation Schedule for Parents and Families!

View the 2016 Orientation Schedule for SMFA Parents and Families (2017 Coming Soon!)

Pre-Orientation Programming

Your student may want to participate in one of our six pre-orientation programs. Students participating in these programs will receive additional information from the coordinators. Some students move in on the first day of pre-orientation while others arrive with the few belongings they need for the program and their families bring the rest of their luggage on move-in day. You and your student can decide which option will work best for you.

Important Notes About Moving in Early

The first day of pre-orientation is a busy time on campus. Because the university is not officially in session at this time, there will be limited staff to assist with the move-in process should you choose to move your student into their residential hall on this day. We strongly recommend that students wait until their roommate arrives to adjust the furniture. This should be a shared experience and will help get things off to a good start as they get to know each other.

Please note, you will not have access to your student’s residence while they are with their pre-orientation program.

Parent and Family Programming

If you want, you can accompany your student on the pre-orientation arrival day, matriculation day or both.

Several of our pre-orientation programs provide programming for parents.

All of our pre-orientation programs will end on the evening of August 29. Your student will spend the night in their residence hall. You should plan to reconnect with him or her the following morning for the the beginning of orientation.