Petition for Credit

As a Tufts undergraduate student, you can petition committees to request a course satisfy a particular graduation requirement if it does not already fulfill one of these areas. The process starts by completing the appropriate form. If you wish to take additional credits beyond your credit limit, you can complete the appropriate petition.

Engineering Petition
Liberal Arts Petition
Extra Courses Petition

Petitioning for Engineering Substitution

If you propose to modify the course requirements for your School of Engineering degree, the first step is to consult your academic advisor. With advisor and department permission, you may submit the School of Engineering course substitution form. Complete the form and be sure to get all necessary signatures before bringing the form to your advising dean.

Petitioning for Liberal Arts Requirements

Major Requirements

All questions about major requirements should go to your major advisor and/or department.

Foundation and Distribution Requirements

To petition to the appropriate committee, follow the steps below:

1. Download the relevant petition form:
2. Gather information about the course you took, or are planning to take. Including:
  • Course description
  • Syllabus
  • Any relevant assignments.
3. Get signatures.

Culture and World Civilization Petitions
Take your form and documents directly to the chair of the appropriate committee:

Distribution Petitions
For courses taken at Tufts, you need to get the signature of the instructor AND the signature of the chair of the department most closely related to the area you are petitioning for. (For example, if you are petitioning for a World Politics course to count as Social Science, you need a signature from the chair of the Political Science department)

Take this form directly to the chair of the Distribution Subcommittee, George Ellmore, who resides in the Department of Biology.

4. Pick Up Your Petition

When your petition has been approved, you will be notified by the appropriate committee chair to pick up the form and take it to the Student Services desk in Dowling Hall to be processed.

Please Note: it takes time for each person in this process to review the material and update official records. Your petition may take up to a month to complete, so please plan ahead.

Petitioning to Take Extra Courses

  • Full-time Liberal Arts BA/BS students are allowed to enroll in up to 5.5 credits and need to petition their Advising Dean at the beginning of the semester to add any additional credit.
  • Full-time Liberal Arts BFA students are allowed to enroll in up to 4.5 credits and need to petition their Advising Dean at the beginning of the semester to add any additional credit. 
  • Engineering students are pre-approved to register for up to 6.5 credits and should contact their Advising Dean before considering taking an additional course.

To complete a semester with more credits than is permitted in SIS, you will need to fill out the Petition to Take an Extra CourseMake sure you provide all of the information requested and get all signatures before submitting the form to your Advising Dean for final approval.  If approved, your petition will also serve as permission to be added to the course or courses.