Application Process: Tufts Programs Abroad

General Eligibility

(Application materials are available if you scroll down. But please make sure to read the eligibility requirements and instructions first.)

Good Standing and Required GPA

To participate in Tufts Programs Abroad, you must be in good academic and disciplinary standing from the time of application through participation in the program. "Good standing" means you are not on Disciplinary Probation or on Academic Probation. For a further explanation of "good standing," please read the Tufts Student Handbook, found online via the Student Affairs website.

You are also expected to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0) for all programs except as follows:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.7 after two semesters is required for Oxford.
  • For London, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is expected of students applying to RHUL, while students applying to UCL or SOAS must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 (applicants to SOAS with a 3.0 may be considered if their major GPA is higher)Departmental Admission Requirements: The following UCL departments require a GPA of 3.5: Economics, European Social and Political Studies, History of Art, Mathematics, and Physics. A GPA of 3.4 is required by the UCL departments of Political Science and International Relations. Applicants wishing to study either History or Drama at RHUL must have a GPA of 3.3. All applicants must show college-level coursework in the subject of the department through which they wish to be admitted at UCL or the area in which they wish to study at SOAS or RHUL.
  • For Paris, a GPA of 3.0 in all French courses is required.
  • For students in engineering applying to Tufts Programs Abroad, a GPA of 3.0 is required at the time of application through participation in the program, except where the host university’s requirements are higher.

Application Process

Please read the application materials and instructions that follow carefully. Applications are accepted from sophomores or juniors who are full-time students in good academic and disciplinary standing at Tufts University or any other accredited American college or university. (Only Tufts students may apply to the Oxford program.) Completed applications for the academic year 2017-18, fall 2017, AND spring 2018 programs should be submitted in hard copy no later than February 1, 2017, with the exception of the Oxford program which has an application deadline of December 1, 2016

Program-specific application packets may be downloaded and printed via the links below, with hard copies available in the Office of Tufts Programs Abroad on the 7th floor of Dowling Hall. All required documents (Tufts Programs Abroad general application form, recommendation forms, and program-specific supplemental forms and materials) are found within the application packets; please make sure that you complete and submit all requested materials, outlined below. If you are applying to more than one program, you must submit one application packet for each program; you cannot apply to multiple programs in one application. Please see notes regarding Tufts in Ghana and Tufts in Oxford. Students from other colleges and universities are encouraged to contact Melanie Armstrong to discuss their interest in Tufts Programs Abroad.

You must submit the following items (forms provided in packets below):

  • A completed "Application for Admission" to Tufts Programs Abroad. If you complete the form electronically, it must be printed and signed manually prior to submission in hard copy. (You must obtain your adviser's signature on p. 3 of the application form prior to submitting the completed application to our office.)
  • Applicants from other institutions must include one transcript for all college-level work showing a minimum of three semesters of work completed. (Not required for Tufts students, as the Office of Programs Abroad will obtain a transcript on your behalf.)
  • Two recommendations from members of the faculty (professors or lecturers are acceptable, not TAs, staff, or a supervisor, etc.) at Tufts or your home institution, based on the forms included in the packet. (It is advisable for applicants to request these from faculty by mid-December prior to the February 1 deadline so that they may have ample lead time to write a meaningful recommendation.) For students applying to Chile, China, Japan, Madrid, Paris, or Tübingen, at least one of the letters must be from a faculty member of the appropriate language department. For Tufts in London at University College London, one recommendation must be from the department in which you wish to study. 
  • A signed "Agreement and Release" form. 
  • A nonrefundable $40 application fee (check or money order only, made payable to the Trustees of Tufts College- no cash or credit card) for each application submitted.
  • A photocopy of a signed passport valid for the entire duration of study abroad (plus six months beyond the end date of the program). Please note: If you do not currently have a passport, you are still eligible and encouraged to apply; please provide a photocopy of your valid passport once you have received it.
  • Any and all program-specific supporting documents and materials included in the application packets below (outlined in each packet). 
  • If you are applying to more than one program, you must submit one application packet for each program; you cannot apply to multiple programs in one application.

Application Materials

NOTE: If you wish to complete the application materials electronically, you can do so by first downloading the PDF file to your computer, then opening the PDF with Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat should enable you to 'Fill & Sign' text and checkboxes on top of the form. Completed application materials will then need to be printed and submitted to our office in hard copy- we are unable to take electronic submissions at this time.

For Tufts in Ghana: see additional application procedures under Tufts-in-Ghana section. Please meet with Dean Sheila Bayne for an application.
For Tufts in Oxford: see additional application procedures under Tufts-in-Oxford section. Please meet with Dean Sheila Bayne for an application.

Submit all applications (in hard copy) and the application fee to:

Office of Tufts Programs Abroad
Dowling Hall
Tufts University
Medford, Massachusetts 02155
Fax: 617-627-3971


Decisions on acceptance to Tufts Programs Abroad are normally made by mid or late March. If accepted, you must submit a nonrefundable deposit of $350 to guarantee a place in the program within two weeks after you have been notified of an acceptance. If you withdraw after confirming your acceptance, you will forfeit the $350 confirmation fee. No refunds are possible in cases of withdrawal once the programs have started because commitments and contractual agreements are made in advance of the students’ arrival.

NOTE: Students on a Tufts Program Abroad remain enrolled at Tufts and do NOT need to submit leave of absence or transfer of credit requests.

Tufts students admitted to a Tufts program are required to attend a pre-departure meeting held during reading period in the semester prior to their semester or year abroad. Important information regarding the program, health, safety, and cultural adaptation will be discussed by Programs Abroad staff and alumni of the program.