English Academic Skills Program

Tufts English Academic Skills Program (also referred to as the University Preparatory Program or "UPP") is an online English language and college skills preparatory program for pre-university and university students who are seeking academic study in an English language program anywhere in the world.

Goals and Objectives

  • Improve the Academic English of each student.
  • Create an academic environment that challenges the students and prepares them for college or university-level scholarship.
  • Provide students with a better understanding of American Culture and History.
  • Allow students to build the academic and personal confidence necessary to study abroad at an English-speaking college or university.
  • Encourage students to become active members of their community (current and future)

Enrollment Dates and Eligibility

  • Multiple enrollment sessions throughout the year. Upcoming Blocks: September 7 - October 29, November 1 - December 22, January 3 - February 25, February 28 - April 22,  April 25 - June 17, July 5 - August 26.  Deadline to apply is two weeks before the start date of the Block.
  • Minimum score requirement: TOEFL: suggested 70-80 for (iBT); IELTS: Suggested 6 - 6.5; CEFR: Suggested B1 - B2. If you have not taken a test, that does not disqualify you. Please contact the program staff at esl@tufts.edu

Pricing and Calendar for 2021 - 2022

  • Each session, which consists of both the Academic and Developmental Block, is $3,250.  Students must take both the six-week Academic Block and the two-week Developmental Block to complete the session. 
  • Students may enroll in more than one session or all the sessions. The total for the all six sessions is $19,500. All applicants must pay a $85 application fee.
  • Scholarships are available for students who apply for more than one session. Please contact esl@tufts.edu for details.


Academic Blocks (6-week session)

Developmental Blocks (2-week session)

Fall 2021 Block 1

 September 7 - October 15

October 18 - October 29

Fall 2021 Block 2

November 1 - December 10

December 13 - December 22

Winter 2022

January 3 - February 11

February 14 - February 25

Spring 2022 Block 1

February 28 - April 8

April 11 - April 22

Spring 2022 Block 2

April 25 - June 3

June 6 - June 17

Summer 1

July 5 - August 12

August 15 - 26

Academic Program

The Program will be divided into six independent 8-week long block sessions (“Blocks”) where students take part in intensive workshops that build students’ confidence in academic English, public speaking, academic presentation development and delivery, and academic research and writing. Students also build personal confidence through our one-on-one and group academic support sessions offered during the week and weekend.

Each Block consists of two sessions. The “Academic Block” last 6 weeks where students receive direct instruction through online classes and take part in specialized virtual tours introducing them to American culture. The “Developmental Block” immediately follows the “Academic Block” and allows students to conduct independent research and complete a project that will become part of their student portfolio. The Program actively encourages students to select a project where they engage in their local community. Student portfolios can be used as supplemental material on their college applications.

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