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A Message from the Dean of Students

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Dear Parents and Families,

The college experience is a major transition for your entire family. We look forward to partnering with you from the time your student arrives on campus to the day they graduate—and through all the milestones that happen in between.

We know that each family is unique as is every student’s life experience that has led them to Tufts. Your student may be the first in your family to attend college or you may have extensive prior experience. While each student's time at Tufts will also be distinctive, college will surely be transformative for all of them, with opportunities for academic, social, and personal growth.

For many, the experience includes living away from home for the first time and managing their finances, schedules, and even their nutrition on their own. Your student will have access to our dedicated, professional Student Life staff who are available to coach, mentor, educate, and guide them throughout their time here at Tufts.

Our Student Life teams’ expertise is expansive and includes Residential Life and Learning, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Campus Life, the Career Center, and more. They support students’ overall needs, including social connections and extracurricular experiences/clubs and organizations, health and wellbeing and mental health services, on- and off-campus housing, and internships and jobs. We also help your student navigate Tufts’ vast resources and connect them with our partners across campus including the StAAR Center, Academic DeansIdentity Centers, Global Studies, and the International Center, among others. We regularly promote these and other campus programs and resources to students and hope that you will also direct them to proactively engage with us.

Our mission is to give your students the skills they will need to lead meaningful and engaged lives as global citizens and society’s future leaders. A vital part of their college experience is living independently and making more decisions for themselves. They will learn from the choices and connections they make and the issues they resolve in partnership with others to become adaptable and resilient, gain confidence and empathy, and build critical life skills that will serve them well—at Tufts and beyond.

They—and yougot this!

With all best wishes,

Camille Lizarríbar, JD, PhD
Dean of Students and Chief Student Life Officer for AS&E

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