As a graduate student, your experience at Tufts will be guided by your graduate dean's office and academic department.

Newly Admitted Students

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Academic Support

Mentorship in Graduate School

Mentor/mentee relationships are as different as the people involved, but at the core, the relationship is synergetic, with both parties engaging in an educational, social, and intellectual relationship.

The StAAR Center Graduate Resources

The Student Accessibility and Academic Resources (StAAR) Center team understand the particular needs and challenges of graduate students and have developed programming to address those concerns from a strength-based and process-oriented approach.

Teaching Opportunties

Students interested in pursuing a career in academia or teaching have many opportunities at the departmental level to practice and expand their skills as teaching assistants.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants (TAs) are resident students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or School of Engineering who are paid a stipend to teach part-time at the university as part of their training.

Notation of Development (NOD)

All PhD and master’s degree students can receive formal recognition for workshop attendance in the form of a "Notation of Development" (NOD) on their transcripts.

Registrar's Office Graduate Forms

We are the custodian of AS&E undergraduate and graduate student records and facilitate course registration and changes, degree certification, grading, transcripts, enrollment verifications, the Bulletin, transfer of credit and other functions as they relate to the student record.

Foreign Language Exam

Select GSAS programs require students to take foreign language exams prior to graduation.

GLIDE Scholars

Giving Graduate Students the Tools for Change

In its first year, the GLIDE program is teaching Arts and Sciences graduate students how to strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in the workplace

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Research Support

Offshore wind farm

Offshore Wind Power Opportunities Fuel Aspirations of Tufts Graduate Students

Following diverse paths in the Offshore Wind Energy Engineering program, they share high hopes for careers in an expanding industry rising to meet clean energy goals

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Hummingbird on a flower

Graduate Student Research First Place Photo

"Brilliance" - Photo by Nicholas Dorian, Ph.D. Candidate in Biology

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Graduate Awards

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