As a Tufts student, your physical, social, and emotional health are the highest priority. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals provide respectful and confidential services including primary medical care, mental health care, prevention services, and health promotion. We serve all undergraduate and graduate students, and work with campus partners, student organizations, and the community to promote health and wellness.

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Help NOW - I Have an Emergency

Counseling and Mental Health

Confidential counseling is available to Tufts students to address your needs and concerns, including emergency situations and help with mental health referrals as well as support for academic, personal, and family issues. You can make an appointment for telehealth or in-person counseling, access tools and resources to promote your mental health and well-being, and initiate immediate support, if needed. Counseling services at CMHS are free for undergraduates and for graduate students who have paid the university’s health and wellness fee.

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Health Service

Our experienced and caring Health Service team provides in-person and telehealth services to serve your individual healthcare needs, including: routine care, same-day concerns, and immunizations; sexual and reproductive health care (including LGBTQIA+ and Trans Health); and administrative support for lab tests, translation services, and physician referrals.

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Health Promotion

Tufts offers a range of health promotion services and activities to help you care for mind, body and spirit, and build a healthy, inclusive campus environment for all. Learn more about topics like nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindfulness practices, and alcohol and substance (mis)use. Our work includes close collaboration with student groups across the Tufts community.

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Student Support

At times, everyone needs help navigating challenges, understanding their options, and making informed decisions. We’re here to listen, brainstorm, educate, encourage, and help you get the right support for your unique circumstances. 

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CARE (Sexual Health and Safety, Assault Prevention)

The mission of CARE is to create a safe and sex positive environment at Tufts in which consent and options are valued, and everyone is comfortable asking questions, getting medical services, and reporting sexual violence. 

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