Academic Calendar

Religious Holy Days

The following listing reflects religious/holy days from the major traditions represented at Tufts and by our chaplaincies. Tufts classes will be held as usual on these days unless otherwise noted in the Academic Calendar above. Information comes from the Harvard Divinity School Multifaith calendar. For all other religious/holy days, please refer to the updated religious calendar.

*Means that Holy days begin at sundown the day before this date.

In constructing the academic calendar, religious holy days will not be the sole factor in determining the days on which classes will be held or suspended. However, it is the policy of the faculty:

  • that students be encouraged to observe their appropriate religious holy days;
  • that instructors strive to facilitate this by allowing absence from classes for such purposes, and by trying to ensure that no examinations, written reports, oral reports, other mandatory class assignments are scheduled for or due on such holy days, and
  • that instructors provide ample opportunities for such students to make up work missed on such occasions without penalty.