Get Your Transcript or Diploma

Requesting an Official Transcript

Tufts is now offering electronic delivery of transcripts and expedited delivery of paper transcripts through Parchment for a nominal fee assessed by Parchment. Parchment is a verified vendor for electronic transcript delivery.

  • You can request your electronic or paper transcript online through though SIS (if you graduated or completed coursework in 2006 or later).
  • For those who graduated or completed coursework before 2006, you can request an electronic transcript through Parchment or a paper transcript via the Transcript Request Form.

Regardless of how you request a transcript, please keep the following policies in mind:

  • Most requests are processed within two working days, but it can take up to five days during peak periods (January, February, April, May).
  • Your records must be in good standing, free of financial or other holds before your transcript request can be completed.
  • If a request requires a form be sent with your official transcript, you must request your transcript be sent electronically through Parchment. These forms must be complete when attached to your transcript request. 
  • For professional school transcripts, please contact the individual school.
  • Tufts Schools of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering along with University College do not charge a fee for paper transcripts to be sent standard ground mail. Students who wish to send a paper transcript with expedited shipping must do so through Parchment.  

Request a Transcript Online through SIS

If you graduated in 2006 or later you may request a transcript online through SIS. Here’s how:

  1. Log into Student Information System (SIS) using your UTLN and password. Current students and alumnae can log into SIS using their Tufts credentials. If you do not know your Tufts credentials you can use Tufts Tools to recall or reset.
  2. Click the “Academics” Tab and select “Official Transcript.”
  3. Under “Select Request”, choose one of two options:
    • “Request Institution to Mail” - to have your transcript mailed directly to your address or a selected recipient.
    • “Hold for Pick-up” - to pick up your transcript at the Student Services Desk in Dowling Hall.
  4. ​Complete the following categories:
    • Academic Career, for example AS&E Undergraduate. If you completed coursework in more than one school you may want to select the Tufts All transcript if you want all your academic records from 2006 and later sent to the same address.
    • Select Processing Options
      • Choose to have the transcript printed immediately or at a future date, such as after grades are posted, you may want to choose this option to view the date in which your official grades will appear on your transcript as it may vary depending on the semester and student affiliation. 
      • Choose the quantity you would like.
    • Recipient Address - if you are mailing the transcript choose: “Send to My Address” OR “Edit Address” to enter a new recipient.
  5. ​Click “Submit.”

Request a Diploma

You can request an English translation of your diploma by completing the English translation form.

To request a replacement of your original diploma, please complete the Diploma Replacement Form and return it to the address on the form. If you have your original diploma, please return it to us (even if it has been damaged).

Please note: If you are interested in changing your name on your diploma that better reflects your gender identity, please indicate both your old and new name on the form, and also provide legal documentation indicating the name change. You may be contacted to confirm accuracy.

In these instances, the Tufts LGBT Center will cover the cost of your replacement diploma. If you do not have legal documentation please feel free to contact the LGBT Center at 617-627-3770 regarding questions/concerns.

Your new diploma will be ordered as soon as we receive your form and payment. It will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to send it to you.

Request an Apostille

If you need an apostille to further verify the authenticity of your diploma you should submit the Apostille Request Form. Your will need to send your original diploma to the Registrar’s Office in order to verify and notarize the diploma copies created. If you do not have your original diploma, you will need to request a replacement diploma. Please note, this may add additional time to the process. If a transcript is required to be included in the apostille, complete the Transcript Request Form.

We will send all materials via FedEx to the Public Records Division within the Secretary of the Commonwealth, where the apostille is applied. The apostilled copies are sent back to the Registrar and then sent to the you via FedEx along with your original diploma.

The Apostille Request process costs $75 and may take a few weeks to complete. Checks should be made out to Trustees of Tufts College. Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

Additional Information