Mission, Vision, and Values

The International Programs and Partnerships department was established in 2015 and is charged with expanding international initiatives of Tufts University. These initiatives include expanding traditional summer English language programs; creating non-degree customized programs; offering year-round opportunities for online college and university preparation; cultivating and stewarding partnerships with universities, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and others around the world who seek to collaborate with Tufts University; and working with academic units throughout the university to expand and enhance existing faculty collaborations.


International Programs and Partnerships ("IPP") was established to complement Tufts University's global strategy. The core of the division's programming is centered around English language and customized culture programs and the staff and faculty of IPP are committed toward the success of every student that participates in its programs. The unit has adopted the following mission, vision, and set of values that we believe are beneficial to our students and partners.  

  1. Mission:
    To give international students powerful educational experiences with the cutting edge of American instruction, in a positive, supportive, and immersive environment.
  2. Vision:
    We seek to help students transform themselves into empowered, creative, free-thinking individuals, ready to tackle the challenges of the future and create a better world.
  3. Values:
    • Commitment to innovation: whether we are incorporating the most advanced online platforms for virtual project-based assignments, or using design thinking to create new student-centered curriculum, we strive to innovate in everything that we do.
    • Focus on active learning skills: we pride ourselves on the use of collaboration and creativity to make students actors in their educational journey, capable of building their own future.
    • Personalized English language training: our courses come alive through current, authentic, stimulating content, based on students’ needs.
    • Sharing the best of American educational culture: our passion is to offer you a complete experience, where you can get direct contact with our history, language and American lifestyle.
  4. Benefits for students:
    Tufts programs are a huge educational and career booster. Each student is given a rare opportunity to tap into existing global networks, benefit from college-level preparation, and make significant progress in English. After graduating from Tufts programs, our alumni demonstrate the self-confidence and experience that lead them to success in their academic and professional careers.
  5. Benefits for partners:
    English language programs at universities are traditionally not seen as a core function of their school, these programs however complement the mission and vision of their schools (should strive to), and provide service to a larger community of students from around the world.

Contact Information


Tufts International Programs and Partnerships 
200 Boston Avenue, Suite 3875
Medford, MA 02155

esl@tufts.edu for Summer English Language Programs inquiries
iep@tufts.edu for partnership and custom program inquiries
In case of emergency, please call 617-627-6911.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Kevin Paquette
Program Director of International Programs and Partnerships 

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