SQUAD Students' Quest for Unity in the African Diaspora



Learn about the distinct history and community of Black students at Tufts and become familiar with the Tufts' Africana Center and the resources it offers.

SQUAD (Students' Quest for Unity in the African Diaspora) is a four day student-led program focused on fostering and celebrating relationships within the African Diaspora. Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment of unity, collaboration, learning and socializing as students navigate African-diaspora specific challenges on the campus and in their lives. Additionally, participants will explore African-diasporic history, culture, and community in Boston.

You will participate in a multitude of community bonding and service activities and take advantage of opportunities to participate in community service and engagement by:

  • Acknowledging and exploring the intersections of ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and experience within the African-diaspora through personal narratives and historically written Black perspectives/insights.
  • Introduction to resources on campus and support systems for the nurturing of inter-community and individual care.
  • Fostering connections with non-collegiate organizations in the Medford, Somerville, and greater Boston areas.
  • Consciousness building through discussions that encourage curiosity and the examination of society and self.
  • Exploration of Boston and establishment of bonds within the community.