Financial Resources through FIRST

Hidden Costs While Attending College

Attending college provides students with many exciting opportunities in and out of the classroom. However, we understand that some of these opportunities come at a cost beyond your tuition and fees. While Tufts provides financial aid meeting students' need to support tuition, fees, housing, food, transportation to and from Tufts, and textbooks, it is important to know that students will incur several additional costs that they must manage with their own finances or by working.

Below is information from other students that help shed light on these areas so you can best budget for your time at college. Tufts is also excited to offer some ideas and additional funding to mitigate some of these costs. These supports are detailed on the above tabs. 

Please note: The Financial Resources outlined here are available to undergraduate students only.

What student have shared with us:

What, in your opinion, are some of the unexpected and/or hidden costs of attending University?
- Class materials (iClickers, online access codes, lab materials, computer software & textbooks)
- Summer courses
- Printing prices
- Study Abroad, including application fees
- Professional Attire for interviews and events

- Getting to and around Boston
- Senior Week Activities
- Commencement preparations

- Clubs and Organizations
- Meals after hours
- Off-campus housing
- The Tufts Tradition of Painting the Cannon
- Seasonal Clothing
How do/did you overcome some of the financial challenges you identified in the previous question?
- Working part-time or utilizing work study opportunities
- Taking on non-work study opportunities
- Internships

- Borrowing needed supplies and materials like textbooks
- Selling unwanted clothes and textbooks

- Completing Psychology studies for money
- Prioritize activities based on cost

Did you utilize campus resources? If so, what campus resources would you recommend to new students that might need help overcoming financial barriers?
- Career Center
- Deans, Financial Counselors, Major advisors
- E-lists for free food opportunities on campus
- Health Services
- Inter-Library Loan
- JobX
- Free printing from any center within the Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion
- Scanning books in Tisch
- STEM Diversity events
- Student Services
Did you utilize off-campus resources? If so, what off-campus resources would you recommend to new students that might help overcoming financial barriers?
- Amazon
- Buying in bulk
- Facebook Groups
- Family members
- Free clinics
- Groupon
- Student Universe for booking flights
- Thrift shops
Are there any specific jobs, either on or off campus, to which you would recommend students apply?
StAAR Center Tutoring
Asking Professors
Dining services
Event staff

Mail Services
Music Department
OCL jobs
Research Assistant
Temp agencies
Tufts Literacy Corps