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The FIRST Resource Center was founded to create a community of support and to develop a network of resources for Tufts University’s first generation, low-income, and undocumented populations. FIRST welcomes any student who self identifies with the first generation college student experience. By strengthening the bonds between our community members and bridging the gap between Tufts’ resources and first gen students, FIRST aims to ensure that first-gens are empowered in, and prepared to reach their full social, professional, and academic potentials.

The FIRST Center works to provide the necessary financial knowledge, information about Tufts, and access to opportunities and resources for students to be successful during their time at the University. The FIRST Center believes it is imperative that first gen students are provided an inclusive space that is sensitive to their intersecting identities and where their shared experiences can be validated. The FIRST Center celebrates the first-gen identity and passionately advocates for the trailblazers among us who are the first in their families to attend an elite, private institution like Tufts.

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FIRST Resource Center Goals

  • Establish a first gen peer leader program
  • Provide a safe and inclusive space for undocumented students
  • Provide a safe and inclusive space for students with intersecting marginalized identities
  • Create an inclusive space for first generation students that promotes community
  • Raise awareness, visibility, and pride as it relates to the student experiences of those affiliated with the center
  • Hold resource workshops on topics such as transitioning to Tufts, Financial Literacy, Housing, Career Development, Professional Development
  • Provide mentors, resources, and opportunities that are accessible to students in order to create/foster relationships between older students identifying with the center and incoming students affiliated with the center
  • Have center peer leaders develop a first gen “retreat,”  to assist with community building
  • Consolidate resources into an accessible platform for students
  • Assist students with networking with Tufts staff members and beyond Tufts
  • Develop a photo campaign to represent the first gen community at Tufts
  • Serve as a safe space for students
  • Provide confidentiality for students who ask for it

Resources for Parents and Families

We are thrilled your student has chosen Tufts and will be spending the next four years with us. We want you to know that there are numerous resources on campus to support your student’s academic, personal, and social development. If you have questions or want to talk to someone about your student, please feel free to connect with the following resources:

Social and personal connections: Student Life

Academic connections: Tufts Advising Team

Translation Services

As part of our office’s mission to support your transition to college, we understand that also means establishing relationships with your parents, families, and guardians. In order to better support the needs of both students and families, we offer translation services in over 35 languages for those who have questions, concerns, or simply want to connect with our office. To request translation services, please email

Building Engagement and Access for Students at Tufts (BEAST)

BEAST is a Pre-Orientation program that focuses on the unique social and cultural experiences specific to students who may be the first in their families to attend college, and for students seeking guidance on navigating financial and academic resources at Tufts. Your BEAST experience might include a boat ride in the Boston Harbor, a trip exploring the history of Boston, or an Amazing Race competition across campus. You will also gain insight from experienced peer-leaders and staff on navigating the hidden costs of college, accessing resources and support, finding employment opportunities, and much more.

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