Graduate Students Work/Life Resources

Work/life refers to the intersection of your professional life and personal/family life, and to the information, resources, and policies that help you navigate those intersections. The definitive source of information about many graduate student work/life balance policies is in your Graduate Student Handbook. 

Leaves of Absence

There are three types of leaves available to graduate students. Students who are on leave are not charged tuition and fees and are not eligible for stipends. Funding upon return cannot be guaranteed; please speak with your program graduate director if you have questions. Student loan borrowers will receive exit interview and repayment information and may be required to begin making loan payments while on leave. Students must be in good academic standing when taking a leave of absence. 

The time-to-degree clock stops for all graduate students who take an approved leave of absence.

International students may not take a personal leave of absence and remain in the United States. In all cases, the International Center must be contacted before any leave is authorized as there may be impact on visa status.

Child Care

Eliot-Pearson Children's School: preschool (age 2.9 years and up) through second grade education. Part-time preschool, flexible days, modified school calendar. Apply in September the year before you wish to enroll your child.

For toddler and infant care, Tufts families have 10 priority access slots at four Bright Horizons centers. Contact Bright Horizons for availability and cost.

Bright Horizons at Teele Square: preschool (age 2.9 years and up) through Kindergarten. Full-time, 5-day-per-week coverage, limited holidays. Tufts part-time and full-time employees and students receive priority admission. Apply in September the year before you wish to enroll your child. 

Lactation Rooms

Any nursing person who is a member of the Tufts community (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) can use the lactation rooms provided in various locations around our campuses. The Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity has resources for nursing and maintains a list of Tufts lactation rooms. If there are questions or concerns about the lactation rooms, please reach out to the Office of Equal Opportunity at

Get Help

For official guidance and information, contact the Dean of Student Affairs Office

For academic grievances for GSAS students, contact Sarah Herchel, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

For academic grievances for SOE students, contact Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education, School of Engineering. 

For peer-to-peer advice or information, contact the Graduate Student Council president.