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Understand how Health Promotion and Prevention (HPP) can assist you.

The Department of Health Promotion and Prevention utilizes a public health approach with a focus on the impact of the environment on healthy communities. Through a continuum of education and prevention efforts, we provide programs and resources related to alcohol and drugs, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management among others. We support early intervention, access to services and promoting a culture of recovery and healthy life choices for all .  Read more.

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Lower Level Health Service
124 Professor Row
Medford, MA 02155

Office Hours


Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.




Ian L. Wong, MSPH (He, His, Him)

Director, Department of Health Promotion and Prevention, Faculty Fellow Social Emotional Learning and Civic Engagement, Affiliate Faculty Community Health Program

Education: University of California, San Diego; University of Massachusetts, Amherst,  Master of Science in Public Health 

Areas of Interest: Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, Evaluation, Research, Community Health, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence

Ian's Linkedin

Contact: 617-627-5495;

Appointments: 617-627-3351

Schedule an Appointment on-line: 30 minutes  or 60 minutes

Zoom Office Hours: Wed and Thur  2:00pm to 4:00pm

Cecile Fagan 

Administrative Assistant
Contact: 617-627-3351;

Zoe Willig


Undergraduate Intern
Sleep Project
Architecture Studies, Class 2022

Alyssa Quinlan

Undergraduate Intern
Health Communications
Biology, Class 2022

Make an Appointment


Schedule a meeting with Ian Wong. The meeting is opportunity for you to discuss academic work (including senior thesis), internships, Public Health (workplace or graduate school) or other health topics. To schedule a meeting, contact Cecile Fagan at 617-627-3351. She will reserve a one hour time with Health Promotion and Prevention staff. Please arrive on time to your scheduled meeting.

In recovery from a substance abuse or concerned about someone? Learn more about programs and support for Substance Use Recovery, Awareness and Prevention

Recovery resources at Tufts.  We understand the unique challenges that students in recovery face in the college environment. Tufts is committed to helping students in recovery through a network of supports and resources throughout campus and in the local community. We strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment where students in recovery are empowered to achieve, personal, academic, and professional goal


New England Collegiate Recovery NetworkThe New England Collegiate Recovery Collaborative is a group of higher education professions supporting each other to advance recovery on our campuses. The Collaborative formed in the summer of 2016 and has continued to meet.

Need help with you Nutrition, Fitness and Sleep?  Find programs that help improve these areas.

Learn about Healthy Habits.  Here are tips to help you with sleep, nutrition, and fitness.  Learn more about Sleep



Are you or someone you know is diabetic? Find Diabetes Resources and supports at Tufts.  Get involved with meeting other diabetic students.

We know being diabetic has its challanges.  Being in college can increase these challanges.  Learn about Diabetes Resources at Tufts



Tufts Health Promotion and Prevention mindfulness initiative to help reduce the stress in students’ lives.

The initiative was organized in partnership with Counseling and Mental Health Services, the University Chaplaincy, the Office of Residential Life and Learning and Cambridge Health Alliance. Read the Director of Health Promotion and Prevention Ian Wong's interview with The Tufts Daily on campus efforts to lower students' stress.

Health Promotion and Prevention offers resources for students in substance abuse recovery

Many students entering college experience a degree of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. For students recovering from substance abuse, however, there is an added concern regarding how to sustain their recovery on a college campus.  Read the Director of Health Promotion and Prevention Ian Wong's interview with The Tufts Daily on campus efforts to support students in substance abuse recovery.

Give It A Try

"Give It A Try" is Health Promotion and Prevention's Social Norms Campaign to encourage students to take control of their health.