Tufts Harm Reduction Education for Alcohol and Drugs (THREAD)

The mission of THREAD is to educate and engage students so they can make informed decisions about substance use that aligns with their values and goals, safety and health, and respect the community around them.

Contact us if you’re interested in:

  • Exploring your relationship to a substance 
  • Learning more about a substance and how to stay safer while using it
  • Taking a tolerance break 
  • Considering substance-free living at Tufts
  • Looking for community and support as a person in recovery (at Tufts and beyond)

Contact Information

Laura Michelson, LCSW, MSW

(617) 627-6036

To schedule an appointment with a Drug and Alcohol Specialist, email laura.michelson@tufts.edu.

For general inquiries, please email THREAD@Tufts.edu.

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