Social Event Registration

The Social Event Registration process for residential spaces on campus is as follows:

  • Student Groups must register social events with the university. This may be done either through the Office for Campus Life (OCL), or the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ORLL). Before you register, make sure that you have reviewed the Social Registration Policy.
  • In general, Student Organizations should register their on- or off-campus events with OCL, and events happening in residential spaces, or being hosted by organizations affiliated with ORLL (Fraternities, Sororities, RHA, Theme Houses, etc.) should be registered with ORLL. Some events overlap purpose and space and would need to register through both departments.
  • Registration is due 5 business days prior to the event. 
  • Prior to the first social event a house or program hosts in the semester, there is a required meeting with an ORLL staff member. The meeting will be waived on a case by case basis in concurrent registration.
  • TUPD will be notified of all registered social events on campus and will conduct a pre-event walkthrough as well as an end of night walkthrough as needed. 

Please register your social event with the appropriate office or offices:

Register a Student Organization Event with OCL Register a Residential Social Event

Social Registration Policy

No matter where you're having your social event or who you're registering it with, Tufts' Social Registration Policy is in effect.  Any gathering or event with 15 or more guests in attendance or that could be perceived as social in nature should be registered. Social events may or may not have alcohol present, but must follow the guidelines applicable for social events with alcohol if it is. You can review the full policy in the Student Code of Conduct, but its basic requirements are as follows:

1. Weekend social events must be registered by 9am on the Monday prior to the event.

2. All social events must have a clearly stated start time and end time and must be scheduled to end no later than the start of quiet hours (11 p.m. on weekdays, 1 a.m. on weekends).

3. The number of guests must not exceed the capacity of the space as determined by the fire marshal.

4. Alcohol is permitted at a social event if one of the following criteria is met:

  • The event is BYOB: Guests of legal drinking age may bring their own alcohol. Hosts are still responsible for making sure that guests consuming alcohol are of legal drinking age. Alcohol must be less than 15% ABV (no hard alcohol).  
  • The event may hire a licensed 3rd Party Vendor in their space or at an external venue to serve alcohol and be responsible for verifying age of the guests.
  • The host purchases and serves alcohol in a limited quantity (approximately 2 drinks per guest). The host is responsible for verifying legal drinking age of their guests. All alcohol must be less than 15% ABV.*

5. In the instance that alcohol is present at a social event the following guidelines must be met:

  • Kegs, large volume containers, open source containers (ie: punch) are prohibited.
  • Non alcoholic beverages and food must be made available to guests at no cost.
  • No drinking games, funnels, luges, or other mechanisms for the rapid consumption of alcohol should be used or permitted.

*Please note: If an organization's status or its own policy has stricter alcohol policies, those will be in effect and the organization will be held to the standard of those policies. All recognized Tufts Fraternities must adhere to the NIC Health and Safety Standards, regardless of their organizations status with the NIC.   

Please note

Depending on where you're having your social event and/or who you're registering it with, additional University policies will apply. Please review the applicable policies on the OCL, OFSL, and ORLL websites.

All other University-wide policies, including the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, are in effect during all registered events.