Customize a Program

We will work in close consultation with your educational institution or agency to develop curriculum and extracurricular activity programs that meet your group’s language needs in a number of special interest areas.

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Types of Custom Programming

Winter and Spring Sessions

Winter and spring sessions are two- or three-week programs for international students offered during the months of February and March. Programs in this series can be tailored to the academic needs of your group. We provide a rigorous academic curriculum, as well as extracurricular activities that highlight American culture and history.

Customize a Program

Faculty Development

Faculty development programming is intended for associate professors and professors interested in improving their written and spoken academic English, teaching in the English language, and exploring pedagogical models and strategies that can both enhance student engagement and strengthen the students’ English language skills. The content of this course draws upon research from a variety of fields related to language and education.

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Pre-College Programming

Pre-college programs are designed to prepare high school students for application and entry to universities and colleges across the United States. Along with developing strong English language skills, the rigorous curriculum takes into account both American and Chinese education systems, preparing students for success in higher education programs.

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Professional Development

Professional development programming is designed to improve English language skills and build confidence with communications skills. Programming may include training in business English, business administration, marketing and advertising, and finance.

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Teacher Training

Teacher training programs are designed for teachers from middle and high school programs. The program uses a multi-phased module that combines residential classroom-based instruction in the summer with optional online training to assist participants in implementing strategies in their home institutions. Each phase will include training in academic English while reviewing essential elements of pedagogy.

Please note this program is not intended for native English speakers.

University Student Programming

University student programming is designed to increase English proficiency and the skills needed to succeed in education programs in Australia, Europe, and the United States. Lessons may focus on standardized test preparation, cultural competency, and study strategies.

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