Sample Class Videos

Academic Workshop Sessions

A large part of the program is providing academic support for the students. While the classes are offered throughout the week and students have many opportunities to engage the faculty in office hours, many students to take advantage of weekend workshops with highly trained instructors who dive deeper into topics students want support in, including presentation delivery and academic research and writing, among other issues.

Sample 2: Academic Support Workshops, Taught By Instructor Carsten Booth 

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Content-Based Course

Instructors within the Tufts University English Academic Skills Program work tirelessly to tailor their instruction to each student and cohort of students. The program is designed to offer students the opportunity to take a college-level, lecture-based, content focused course. The topics that are explored change each Block and have included Social Psychology, American History and Political Culture, Economics, Linguistics, and American Culture. This is generally attended by all the students in the cohort. Students have the opportunity to take part in live chats with the academic team during the lecture to clarify questions and comments they may have, they often times take part in post lecture workshops, and attend office hours where they can receive personalized attention and are able to review the content one-on-one with the instructor. 

Sample 1: Social Psychology, Taught by Lead Instructor, Jan Kasik - updated video coming shortly