Hill Hall is located uphill behind Lane Hall and next to Hillside Apartments with student parking nearby. Hill Hall is home to all first-year students. It touts a wonderfully spacious common area where students can attend programs and find community with one another. Hill Hall houses students in 21 single, 59 double, and 14 triple rooms with linoleum tiled floors. Two large, single-sex bathrooms are on each floor (except for the fifth). Each bathroom has showers, toilet stalls, sinks, mirrors, and storage space for toiletries. The main lounge is located on the second floor. It is furnished with couches, chairs, tables, and a television. Three small study rooms are on the second floor. There is a common kitchen on the second floor equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink. Washing machines and dryers are on the first floor. Bicycle storage and vending machines in the building.