Houston Hall is located uphill on the Residential Quad, between Cabot Intercultural Center, Carmichael Hall and Carmichael Dining Hall, and next to a student parking lot. Housing first-year students in traditional double rooms, Houston is one of our newly renovated spaces with ample study locations and a fresh view! Students are housed in 4 single rooms in a single apartment and 126 double rooms with linoleum tiled floors. There are four single-gender bathrooms on each floor. Each has showers, toilet stalls, counter space, and sinks. There is a kitchen equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink, a lounge with a TV, and two study rooms on the main floor of the building. There are smaller study and lounge spaces on all floors. Washing machines and dryers are in the basement. The building is equipped with vending machines and bicycle storage.