A little history: The eastern half of the building was constructed in 1895 as a residence for the women of Jackson College. In 1937, well after Tufts College and Jackson College were fused, the western side of the building was added. The structure's vintage flair still shows through throughout the building, despite numerous renovations, most recently in 2018. Metcalf is centrally located on Professors Row across the street from the Mayer Campus Center and the Tisch Library. The building houses first-year students in 7 single, 24 double, and 21 triple rooms. East wing rooms are carpeted; west wing rooms are not carpeted. One single-gender bathroom is located on the eastern and western sides of each floor. Each bathroom contains showers, toilet stalls, and sinks. The main lounge on the ground floor has couches, tables, and chairs. There is a small study space on the ground floor and on the basement floor. Metcalf has a common kitchen on the second floor equipped with a stove, oven, and refrigerator and washing machines and dryers on the basement floor. There are vending machines and a bicycle storage room.