Fraternity and Sorority Housing

Fraternity and Sorority Housing is one component of the Fraternity and Sorority Life program. All houses are recognized as on-campus housing for Tufts students, and must adhere to the same set of housing expectations.

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Fraternity and sorority chapter houses play an important role in promoting community and providing opportunities for leadership development. Houses also provide a residential experience that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.

A fraternity or sorority house is defined as a residential unit affiliated with Tufts University where all of the residents are members of a Tufts University recognized fraternity or sorority.

Organization Address Type of Ownership
Alpha Phi 14 Sawyer Avenue Walnut Hill
ATO of Massachusetts 134 Professors Row Private
Chi Omega 106 Professors Row Tufts University
Delta Tau Delta 98 Professors Row Private
Delta Upsilon 114 Professors Row Private
Kappa Alpha Theta 94 Curtis Street Tufts University
Theta Chi 100 Packard Avenue Walnut Hill
Zeta Beta Tau 126 Packard Avenue Walnut Hill
Zeta Psi 80 Professors Row Private