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The StAAR Center works to implement reasonable accommodations for Tufts students with access concerns related to documented disabilities.

Accessibility at StAAR

The StAAR Center works with Tufts students with documented disabilities to implement accommodations. 

Disabilities we work with include:

  • Hearing, vision, speech, or mobility impairments
  • Learning disabilities
  • Serious medical or mental health conditions
  • Temporary conditions such as injuries or broken bones

Any student (including undergraduate, graduate, or visiting students) enrolled in a Tufts course at the schools of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, SMFA, or Fletcher can connect with StAAR about accommodations.

Requesting Accommodations

Requesting accommodations through StAAR is a process that involves multiple steps. To start, we'll need two things from you:

  1. Registration Form: First submit our Registration Form. This form allows you to self-describe your disability(ies), and explain what accommodations you are interested in seeking. The form also has a place to upload attachments, such as clinical documentation and/or previous accommodation plans.
  2. Clinical Documentation: You'll also need to provide clinical documentation to accompany your request. Please have your clinician complete our Health Disability Provider Form. This provider form allows your clinician to provide specifics around your current access barriers, and recommendations around what support you may need while at Tufts. You can also attach additional documentation to your registration form, or email it to us directly at

Once we have received your registration form and supporting clinical documentation, we will reach out about scheduling an intake appointment with one of our accessibility specialists.

Accessibility FAQs

  • The provider form should be completed by a medical professional who you've met with recently (within the past 6 months - 1 year) and can speak to the condition(s) related to the accommodations you're requesting. Typically, the form is completed by a primary care provider, psychiatrist, mental health specialist, or other specific medical specialist.

  • Please include information about all accommodations you are interested in pursuing on the same registration form.

  • Rising Juniors and Seniors: The deadline to complete the housing accommodation process is November 18th. 

    Rising Sophomores: The deadline to complete the housing accommodation process is February 3rd. 

    After these deadlines, we will still absolutely work with you on your accommodation request! However, approved accommodations may be subject to the waitlist.

  • First, submit a registration form (see above). Next, have your current/previous institution's accessibility center complete our Previously Used Accommodations Form. Once we receive both forms, we'll be in touch about setting up an intake appointment.

  • Please first connect with Kelly Shaw in Tufts Dining to have a conversation around what kinds of dining amenities are available on campus. Kelly will help you determine if you should register with our office for dining accommodations.

  • If you have an After-Visit Summary or other discharge papers from an urgent care or emergency room visit, please upload them as attachments to your registration form. If possible, please also have your doctor complete our Temporary Disability Provider Form

  • If you have already submitted the initial Registration Form, you will need to complete a Supplemental Request to request new or additional accommodations. Please see Requesting Supplemental Accommodations below on how to do so.

Requesting Supplemental Accommodations

If you have already requested accommodations through StAAR, and would like to request new or additional accommodations, you will need to submit a supplemental accommodation request. This request can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Submit a supplemental request through accommodate. Log into Accommodate using your Tufts UTLN. Click "Accommodation" on the left-side toolbar, and choose "Supplemental" from the drop down menu. Click "Add New" and complete the form that comes up. 
  2. Provide updated clinical documentation. Please have your clinician complete our Health Disability Provider Form. If you have any additional documentation on hand, you can attach it to your supplemental request form, or email it to us directly at

Once we have received your supplemental request and updated clinical documentation, we will reach out about scheduling a supplemental intake appointment with one of our accessibility specialists.

Accessibility Resources


Sensory Room in Tisch Library

The Sensory Room (Tisch 104A) is intended to provide a safe, non-threatening environment to calm or stimulate individuals through each of the senses. It is designed for, but not limited to, users who are sensitive to sensory input. This space is designated for individuals to interact with an array of multisensory experiences. The Sensory Room is a low-stress environment for all individuals to work through their emotions, explore their senses, develop coping strategies, and/or meditate. This space is accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities.