Tufts ROTC Support Program

The Tufts ROTC program trains students to become commissioned officers in the Army, Air Force, and Navy through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Through a combination of a traditional college curriculum and specialized leadership training, students can take advantage of unique opportunities that prepare them for success in any career path.

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Tufts Undergraduate ROTC Dean Contact Information

Jennifer Stephan

Dean Jennifer Stephan

Dean of Academic Advising & Undergraduate Studies, School of Engineering

  • Office Location: Dowling Hall, 710H
  • Phone: 617-627-0575

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Prospective Tufts students should contact Admissions. Enrolled Tufts undergraduates may contact Dean Jennifer Stephan for advice and support on ROTC related matters, including:

  • ROTC community events and resources for event planning
  • Arrangements for student transportation to/from MIT for ROTC responsibilities
  • Early student housing move in approval
  • Priority registration for courses and adjustment for course registration limit (21 credits) for Navy ROTC students due to curricular demands
  • Advocacy with Athletics for use of the varsity weight room for training
  • Assistance with mapping MIT courses for transfer credit (see: https://students.tufts.edu/registrar/make-request/transfer-credit):
    • EM 54 credit for 15.305
    • CVS 320 credit for one MIT ROTC course that has "Leadership" in its title, such as AS. 111, AS. 202, or AS 211.
    • CVS 330 credit for one MIT ROTC course that has "history" in its title, such as AS.101 or MS. 110.
  • Obtaining a red, white and blue graduation cord to proudly wear at their Commencement exercises.

Note: Students will still be assigned their main academic advising supports (e.g., advising dean, faculty advisor).

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