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Choosing Hope

Hello Africana Community,

This semester truly tested our resilience, patience and drive to push through all obstacles and challenges. Missing family, grieving our losses and making hard decisions have dominated our lives. And the limited access to the Africana Center and limited engagement with student organizations made it really difficult to fully experience the power of the Africana community.

The good news is that we chose to abide by the COVID- 19 guidelines so that we can remain healthy and safe - we chose to extend ourselves whenever possible to support each other- we chose to push hard to finish the semester strong. And now, we choose HOPE and OPTIMISM that the news about the COVID-19 vaccines will help us move to a new sense of normalcy.

We send out best wishes that you will indeed finish the semester strong and that you will enjoy your winter break with family and friends. Please stay vigilant in your adherence to safety guidelines, take some time for self-care, to catch up on reading, exercising, and watching Netflix movies. We will be sure to stay in touch with you and look forward to seeing you back on campus in February!     

Be well!


Anti-Racist Resources

Welcome to the Africana Center at Tufts University!

The Africana Center provides access to academic and social resources and a wide range of activities for students of African descent. Whether you're looking for peer counseling, tutoring, help developing networking and interviewing skills, or a place to study and socialize, The Africana Center is a "home away from home."

Our Mission

The Center supports the academic mission of the university, providing students with access to a full range of academic, cultural and personal resources. In addition, the Center works closely with the administrative and academic office of the university on issues of interest to students, and advocates proactively on their behalf. The Center is committed to helping students succeed at the university and to preparing them to take leadership roles in their chosen fields.

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