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As of 2023, the Asian American Center is in its 40th year and continues to have a visible presence on campus!

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Start House Update (2018)

We are pleased to inform you of some exciting news! Start House is now entirely student and office space open to the Tufts community! When established in 1985, the center had just one room in Start House, which was a residential unit. Having an administrative office and student center in a residential space limited student access to the building.

Last year, student leaders led a successful effort to separate the center and house. The Asian American House has been relocated to a suite in Hillsides Apartments. Students were very supportive of this decision, and last spring we had a record number of applicants for the house.

We are excited about this new chapter for the Asian American Center and look forward to new possibilities for student programming and engagement. Please visit us the next time you’re on campus to see it in person! 

Many thanks,
Aaron James Parayno, Director
Asian American Center


Tufts Asian American Alumni Association (T4A)

The Tufts Asian American Alumni Association, also known as "T4A," is a Shared Interest Group within the Tufts University Alumni Association and was founded in 2008. The mission of T4A is to bring together Asian and Asian American affiliated alumni for social and professional development opportunities. In the past, we have hosted mixers, student-alumni networking events, and community service day activities.

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