About STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors is a professional development program with an outreach mission for student representatives from Tufts University's School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering.

STEM Ambassadors can be found at local schools giving presentations on engaging topics of their choice and conducting hands-on activities with the students. Through these interactive presentations we hope students will be able to relate and build personal connections to varying STEM disciplines. We want to reinforce that these fields are attainable to anyone and open the possibilities for new ideas and collaboration through representation.

We hope to bring a well-rounded and diverse vision of STEM to local students by changing the conversation and challenging stereotypes synonymous with these fields.

More Than Just an Outreach Program

In conjunction with the national network, Engineering Ambassadors, undergraduate science and engineering students will complete an intense series of workshops designed to develop exceptional leadership and communication skills. It is here that they will learn how to concisely and energetically present technical data and information to a broad audience, a skill that will be necessary to be successful both as a student and as a professional. Additionally, STEM Ambassadors will attend a regional Engineering Ambassadors conference where they will further hone their communication skills as well as network with other Engineering Ambassadors in the region. Overall, STEM Ambassadors is more than just an outreach program; it is a community that provides a strong network of support that will lead to professional growth and success.