Undocumented Students



"We believe that both DACA and undocumented students deserve an opportunity to enroll in higher education in our country and at Tufts. Since April 2015, we have supported higher education equity by considering all undocumented students as domestic applicants for undergraduate admissions. Our policy is in keeping with Tufts' long-held values of inclusion and access—values that go back to our founding—and we are committed to providing our DACA and undocumented students with the resources they need to thrive here." President Monaco

We hope this site provides current and interested students who are undocumented with information and resources.

Students applying to Tufts can view additional information on our policy and should contact Admissions for additional information.

Current student inquiries can be made to Daniela Pozos Nicolau, Associate Director of the FIRST Resource Center.

Community Resources

Those seeking religious connection while at Tufts may find this with the University or by connecting with information about places of worship in Somerville and Medford.

Legal Support

Greater Boston Legal Services: They provide legal assistance and representation on civil (noncriminal) matters to residents of Boston and 31 surrounding cities and towns.

Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

GLAD Immigration Issues and Resources

The Immigrant Learning Center

Immigration Options for Undocumented Immigrant Children

Irish Immigration Center (all nationalities/races/ethnicities): We are a vibrant welcome center that provides legal, wellness, and education services, advocates for systemic change, and facilitates cross-cultural community building. Our vision is of a shared society where all people are welcomed and valued and enjoy equal opportunities and protections.

  • Immigration Legal Services
  • Wellness Services (Counseling and Case Management, Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery, Suicide Prevention and Education)
  • Education Services (Basic Computer Literacy, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Citizenship Education)

Catholic Charities: With 10 sites throughout Greater Boston, we are able to provide a wide range of support, including food pantries, rent and mortgage assistance, utility assistance, baby supplies, clothing, and other necessities.

ImmigrationLawHelp.org: Legal help for low income immigrants. Use search tool to find bureaus. Many can be found in the Boston area.

Richard Landoli, Consultant to International Center on Campus

ImmigGo Phone App

UnidosUS (formerly National Council of La Raza): The Publications page offers an array of writings pertaining to many useful topics from the Economy to Immigration which may be useful to students.

Immigration Advocates Network: The Immigration Advocates Network (IAN) is a collaborative effort of leading immigrants' rights organizations designed to increase access to justice for low income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organizations serving them. IAN promotes more effective and efficient communication, collaboration, and services among immigration advocates and organizations by providing free, easily accessible and comprehensive online resources and tools.

Immigrants Rising: The website provides resources for undocumented youth who want to pursue college, careers, and citizenship. They also provide a list of scholarships that do not require applicant to prove citizenship.

For Students

Daniela Pozos Nicolau, Associate Director of the FIRST Resource Center, serves as a point of contact on matters related to undocumented status for students.

New students are provided with a number of optional opportunities including:

  • Summer outreach and early academic advising
  • Orientation Programming
  • A weekly advising course
  • Community building with other students with undocumented status
  • Connection with United for Immigrant Justice
  • Support group sponsored by our Counseling and Mental Health department
  • Legal support
  • Meetings with Daniela Pozos Nicolau, Associate Director of the FIRST Resource Center

What our current students shared:

"The people I've met at Tufts have made me feel more at home on campus than I ever thought I would. Being surrounded by compassionate students and staff allowed me share, listen, and learn in a safe and thought-provoking environment. I can honestly say that I've felt supported every step of the way."

"Being able to connect with a group of people that shared a background similar to mine and being able to appreciate each others' world views really opened me up to new ways of thinking that I really appreciated and that I feel will stay with me for a while. I also really loved the strong friendships I was able to form with my classmates :)"

"I appreciate how much Tufts has done to help me feel welcomed and safe. The resources have been helpful and allowed me to connect with the administration. Our group is like family and we are eager to welcome more students who share our status."

Translation Services

As part of our office’s mission to support your transition to college, we understand that also means establishing relationships with your parents, families, and guardians. In order to better support the needs of both students and families, we offer translation services in over 35 languages for those who have questions, concerns, or simply want to connect with our office. To request translation services, please email first@tufts.edu.