LGBTQIA+ Student Groups

Student Groups

Below is a list of current student groups supported by the LGBT Center. For more information on events and programs hosted by the Center, please sign up for our weekly newsletter, and/or follow us on Instagram @tuftslgbtcenter

Aro/Ace Space

Aro/Ace Space is a space for asexual and/or aromantic-spectrum (asexual, aromantic, demisexual, demiromantic, gray ace, bi or panromantic, etc.), queer, and questioning individuals. The group focuses on discussion of personal experiences surrounding these identities. Weekly conversations are facilitated by students who share these identities. Contact the facilitators at to sign up for the mailing list or for more information, and check us out on Instagram @tuftsaroacespace.

Trans and Nonbinary Student Group

The Trans and Nonbinary Student Group, run by LGBT Center interns, currently meets weekly on Fridays at 3pm. The group hosts a mix of social, educational, and dialogue-based meetings. Feel free to reach out to the facilitators at for more information or to get involved!

Queer Desis

Queer Desis is a space for LGBTQ+ South Asians to have meaningful conversations, explore identities, & connect with one another. They meet weekly throughout the semester at rotating locations between the three sponsoring identity centers (AAC, Women’s Center, and LGBT Center). Join the Queer Desis e-list here!


DQ (Disability Queers) is a peer-led affinity group that explores the intersections of queerness with disability, neurodivergence, chronic pain/illness, mental health and more! DQ aims to center the experiences and needs of Tufts students who identify as both "Queer" and "Disabled" (in the broadest understanding of both terms), and acknowledges that not everyone uses these terms to describe themselves. Anyone with any connection to - or interest in - queerness and/or disability is welcome! You can reach out to DQ at and/or join the DQ e-list here!

Tufts Athlete Ally

This is a campus chapter of Athlete Ally, a national nonprofit organization dedicated towards advocacy for LGBTQ+ athletes. The group is a space for both LGBTQ+ and straight ally student-athletes. Monthly events are dedicated to expanding support for queer athletes competing for Tufts, broadening perspectives, and fostering a community for an often unrecognized demographic of students. To get in touch, contact and/or follow us on Instagram @tuftsathleteally

True Colors

True Colors is a monthly discussion group for queer students of all religious, philosophical, and spiritual backgrounds (or lack thereof!), and is a collaboration between the LGBT Center and University Chaplaincy. True Colors intends to be a relaxed, casual space where queer students can get to know other queer students of different backgrounds, as well as discuss the intersection of queer and religious identities. We also hope to enjoy crafts, snacks, and music together! If you have any questions or want to join the True Colors e-list, please contact Chaplain Dan Bell at  

TRANScend Connection Drop-In

TRANScend Connection Drop-In is a space to empower, validate, and support trans and gender nonbinary students. 

This group is ONLY for Tufts students who are trans, nonbinary, and/or gender-questioning, and is facilitated by licensed clinicians who specialize in working with trans and nonbinary people. If you have questions, please email Senior Director Hope Freeman at