Academic Courses

Academic Block

The three core English courses will help you develop and strengthen your English skills needed to succeed in college. These courses focus on American history, culture, and contemporary society.

Content-Based Lecture Class

Each block, students explore a different academic topic. Students engage in a series of lectures, workshops, and project-based assignments. The content will be delivered to the students through one-hour lectures that will take place each week. The course will be taught at a college level and students will have to complete weekly assignments, quizzes, and a final research project.


Academic Reading and Writing

This class is designed to prepare students to write effective and academically sound essays and research papers. Students will explore both fiction and nonfiction materials, learn how to understand themes, and analyze each reading. Students will work on their written communication with an emphasis on developing their ability to express their ideas and opinions, support their arguments with facts and write an effective academic research paper. Daily readings, biweekly journals, and several academic papers will be assigned to each student during the block.

Academic Listening and Speaking

In American colleges, students will be expected to engage with classmates, professors, and other individuals in social and academic settings. Conversing and participating in cross-cultural interactions, giving group and individual presentations, and engaging in informal and formal debates are all part of a typical American college experience. This course aims to prepare students to build the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in that environment. This is a participation focused course and students will be required to complete multiple projects each block and speak in each class.


Developmental Block

Student Portfolio

Students participate in an intensive 2-week project after each academic block. Students will explore an area of their interest that they learn about during the previous academic block. Students must submit a proposal that showcases their independent academic research interest and it must be approved by the Program Director and Academic Counselor. An Academic Advisor will be assigned to each student and they will provide direct guidance to the student and help them complete their research project before the end of the session.

Student Specialists

Academic English and College Skills Workshop 

This course focuses on refining the Academic English of each student in small group very intense sessions. This course will also build the students’ soft academic skills such as time management, email etiquette, note taking, and academic integrity among others. Students will be divided into groups based on levels and sessions will focus on individualized and group needs.


Student Support 

Tufts provides additional support with trained academic specialists.  They provide in-depth group level and individual support throughout the entire Academic and Developmental Block.  

Academic Resources


The Tisch Library is located on our Medford Campus, an easy walk from our classrooms. Here you’ll find a wide selection of books and digital resources to help with your studies. We will assist you in obtaining access to virtual resources.

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Office Hours

Office hours are held on weekdays by all the faculty. This is a good time to meet with your teachers to discuss an assignment, develop a plan to improve your grade, or simply have a conversation. We encourage you to build a habit of attending office hours in preparation for college or university.

Technology at Tufts

Tufts Email and ID

All students will receive a Tufts username and password and that will provide you access to the necessary software to be successful in the program.  


We offer access to useful software tools free of charge including:

  • Box - Unlimited online storage offered to all students, faculty, and staff
  • Microsoft Office 360 - Access the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote
  • Zoom - Allows you to host or attend online meeting
  • Canvas - All classes are held on Canvas, an online classroom forum.  
  • VPN - Create a secure connect to Tufts University's network.