Move-In/Move-Out Information

Spring 2021 Return to Campus Information

Students will begin to return to residence hall beginning January 19, 2021. Arrival Registration for the Spring 2021 semester is currently available on the Housing Portal. If you have not yet signed up, please do so by: 

  • Logging in to SIS
  • Clicking on "About Me" and "Housing"
  • Log in using the Tufts SSO Login In
  • Select "Forms" > "Spring 2021 Medford - Onboarding Registration"

We encourage students coming from outside of the northeastern United States and New England to arrive on campus in the early part of the registration period from January 19 through January 23.

Registration for Spring 2021 Arrival Testing/Move-In will be available in early December. Students may begin returnign to campus as early as January 19, 2021. It is highly recommended that students arriving from out of the New England area strive to arrive on campus in the early part of this process. There will be no early arrival option for students.

Onboarding Registration

This time is for both your test and your check in with residential life (i.e. pick up keys if necessary). If there is no date/time listed above, it means that you have not yet registered and should do so as soon as possible by following the instructions below.

If you wish to change this information, you may log on to your housing portal and re-select a date and time from available spaces. Please note that you will need to cancel your current registration in order to select a new date/time before selecting a new date and time. If you run into any issues with this, please contact our office at the email address below so that we can assist you. Registration is open for all students, however, we strongly encourage out of region students (those living outside of the New England area and the United States) to select an onboarding registration date before January 23. If you are planning to return to campus after January 29, please contact our office at

If you are arriving after testing hours (after 6pm), be sure to check the box in the registration form and be sure to register for the next available onboarding time (which is likely the next day). We will be able to leave your ID and keys with TUPD located on the ground floor of Dowling Hall (419 Boston Avenue) once we have that information. This will apply to students on all testing dates.

Arriving to Campus

Upon arrival to campus, you should immediately go to the Gantcher Center located at 161 College Avenue, Medford, MA 02155.

If you are driving to campus, it is best to park in the Cousens Parking lot prior to entering Gantcher. ONLY students are able to enter the Center to participate in the testing protocol. We anticipate that the entirety of the process should take no more than 20 minutes, as we have requested registration for this specifically to limit the number of students in the space at one given time.

At Gantcher you will check in and activate your ID card, get tested, get checked in to housing (if applicable) and will receive any necessary materials (keys, ID, PPE, etc.). Note that you MUST tap your ID at the check in table before moving to the testing station. If you do not yet have an ID card, you will be given instructions at this location.

Once you have completed this process: all students are requested to report to their on-campus student room and participate in quarantine. Do not go to your residence hall first. All students must complete their onboarding before going to their hall/housing.

Mail Services

We will not be offering in-room drop off of items from Mail Services. If you have items available for you in mail services that you will need upon arrival to campus, please be sure to pick these items up prior to going to your residence hall room where you will be in quarantine.

Mail Service Operation Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Initial Arrival Quarantine

When you arrive, you will immediately be on an initial arrival quarantine.

All students, regardless of where they are arriving from, will immediately be placed on an initial arrival quarantine upon their arrival to campus. During this time period, students are not to leave their bedroom except to use the restroom or to collect their delivery food from outside their door. Meals should be obtained prior to your quarantine or ordered through a delivery service during this time. Dining Services will provide information on this upon your arrival. Students arriving outside of testing hours should prepare for their evening meal prior to arriving on campus. More details on this will be provided to all students who requested to arrive outside of hours.

Arriving at Your Residence Hall

We ask that you limit your family members present to 1–2 people so that we can properly monitor the number of people on campus.  Anyone assisting a student in moving into their building needs to adhere to the Massachusetts travel guidelines.



When you check in at The Gantcher Center, the Tufts Dining team will welcome you and invite you to take meals with you. You can choose menu items for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner that will nourish you until your first negative COVID-19 test result. Our food selection can accommodate many dietary preferences.

Any student—undergraduate or graduate, living on- or off- campus—is eligible for meals during Initial Onboarding or if placed in Close Contact Quarantine or Isolation. If placed in Close Contact Quarantine or Isolation, you will be instructed to order from Dining2YOU on the Tufts Dining Mobile App. That is the only time you will be able to use the Tufts Dining2YOU food delivery program.

Students who choose not to take food with them from The Gantcher Center during on-boarding may order delivery from area restaurants or through delivery apps (at their own expense). We ask that students utilize contactless delivery and drop-off and only leave their room to get food delivery and not for other purposes.

Once a student receives their first NEGATIVE test result, they may leave their residence to pick up food or medicine. Students will move to extended arrival quarantine after they receive their first negative test, and at that time they may come to a dining location to pick up a meal and then return to their room, but otherwise must stay in their space. The second test will take place 4 days after the arrival/onboard test.

Recycling & Waste Management

Reuse Your Cardboard Boxes!

Help the University maintain sustainability practices by saving your cardboard boxes from closing for the end of the spring semester. Tufts has a goal to reduce waste by 3% a year. To help Tufts meet its goal, save your cardboard boxes for move-out! Break them down, flatten them, and store them under your bed!

As a reminder:

  1. Save your cardboard boxes for Spring Move-Out. Break them down, flatten them, and store them under your bed!
  2. Paper bags and packing paper can be recycled.
  3. Plastic film, including plastic bags, bubble wrap, air pillows, and plastic padded envelopes, cannot be conventionally recycled. Please place these items in the landfill.
  4. Styrofoam packing peanuts as well as other Styrofoam packaging cannot be recycled. These items should go into the landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a graduate student living on-campus. Am I required to leave campus during winter break?

Yes, all students are required to depart from campus housing by noon on Tuesday, December 22. Students who have an approved exam or review board for this date may request an additional date of stay via the Departure form.


Due to the restrictions created by the pandemic, our capacity to offer winter break housing is very limited. However, there will be exceptions for international students who face travel restrictions, as well as for students with other significant hardships. We will be sending additional details and a link to request exceptions through the Office of Student Affairs soon.

I requested a room change for Spring 2021. How can I move my items to the appropriate location before departing campus in the Fall?

Students who have requested and have been approved for a room change for Spring 2021 may not be able to complete their move prior to their departure. For this reason, it is imperative that all student belongings are appropriately packed and labeled. For those students who will be able to complete their room change prior to leaving, a representative from Residential Life will connect with you regarding your planned departure date and the movement of your items to your new housing location. For those students who are unable to be moved to their new assignment prior to their fall campus departure, a representative from Residential Life will connect with you regarding next steps.

Can my family help me during move out?

Due to social distancing measures, we strongly encourage students to limit the number of family members assisting them with move-out to one (1) to two (2) people. Note that all move-out supporters/assistants will need to comply with Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations on travel and arrival to the state as well as posted signage throughout the campus.

What if I don't pack my items prior to leaving for campus?

We strongly encourage you to pack your items prior ot leaving campus in the fall. Students who fail to do this acknowledge that should a situation arise that calls for the need to move student items, that the University will not be responsible for lost or damaged items. 

I was not on campus for Fall 2020 but will be returning to campus in the Spring. Is there anything I need to be aware of?

Students new or returning from leave/remote study in the Spring 2021 semester will be contacted with more specific information regarding your arrival to campus. Those students in-region and in the area will be offered a Drive & Drop process prior to the start of move-in to be able to bring items to campus prior to their official move-in. The registration for that process will begin in early January 2021.

If you have left items with UPS storage over the period you were not present on campus, our office will be coordinating a drop off of items to student rooms prior to the start of the semester. The UPS Store is the only company that Tufts University partners with for student storage; any other companies and drop-offs must be coordinated with the student at the time of their arrival and must comply with all policies regarding entry into the building.


What if I change my mind about my housing status over the winter break (i.e. I choose to go remote and not return to campus)?

If your campus status changes over break and you have left items behind, please contact the Office of Residential Life and Learning at A representative from the Residential Life team will contact you to discuss options for either picking up your items, or scheduling storage/shipping with our approved vendor (The UPS Store). It is also encouraged for you to reach out to Student Services to ensure that your status has been updated.

I would like to change my room for spring, but if I don't get the choice that I want, will I be able to remain in my current assignment?

Yes. Our office will be sure to inform you that the room or room type is not available and you will be able to remain in your current assignment.