Move-In/Move-Out Information

Spring 2021 Campus Move Out Information

ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS INCLUDING GRADUATING SENIORS are required to vacate campus housing no later than 12 PM on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

GRADUATE STUDENTS living in campus housing will be granted approval to remain in campus housing until 12 PM on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Students who are wishing to leave their housing assignment earlier for the semester may do so but must ensure that they are informing the following offices so that appropriate updates can be made regarding testing cadence and responsibility: Residential Life, Dean of Student Affairs Office, and Student Services.

How to Prepare Your Room for Move Out

Be sure to attend your building's Mandatory Hall meetings the week of April 26th! Check with your RA for more details on dates and times. 

The following items must be completed prior to vacating your on-campus housing space:

  • All items must be removed from the living space except those furniture pieces provided by the University. Our cleaning and maintenance teams will be entering these spaces shortly after students have vacated campus and any remaining items will be disposed of or donated to appropriate locations. It is highly recommended that students check all areas of their student room prior to leaving campus for the semester.
  • Clean your living space, this includes the refrigerator / microwave unit(s) provided for your room/suite. We ask that you DO NOT unplug your refrigerator to avoid any leaking on to the floor/carpet. For students living in apartment style spaces, this includes your kitchen/bathroom areas.
  • Damages in room or furniture pieces will be assessed and billed to appropriate students.
  • All trash items must be discarded in appropriately labeled dumpsters, recycling areas, and donation locations. For more information about how to dispose of different items, refer to the How-to-Recycle, Specialty Recycling, and Reuse pages of the Tufts Recycling Website. You can also view the Tufts Eco-Map for information on dumpster locations, clothing donation drop-offs, and other campus specialty recycling locations. 
  • Assistance with moving out: Students may allow up to one to two (1-2) additional person(s) to help with their move out process. All assistants must adhere to Tufts and State Guidelines regarding quarantine and proper PPE while in spaces.
  • Students must return keys to the Residential Life Office at 20 Professors Row OR leave keys in the campus key drop box located at TUPD (419 Boston Ave, ground floor) prior to leaving campus. Keys not returned properly will result in lock changes and associated fees. For more information on fees, please refer to the Housing Guidelines and Policies page. For safety and security reasons, lock changes will occur over the summer those those students who do not return keys. Students who have accidentally taken keys home with them are encouraged to mail their keys back to Residential Life in a secured package or enveloped to 20 Professors Row, Medford, MA 02155 no later than June 1, 2021. 

Storage and Shipping Services

Tufts University partners with the UPS Store to help with summer storage and shipping of student belongings for a low summer cost which includes drop off to the students' Fall assignment. Rates for the summer can be found on the company's website at Representatives from the UPS Store will be on campus the week of April 26th to offer materials to students as well as help with sign up. Students who need access to boxes prior to this time should contact Residential Life at

The UPS Store is the only approved vendor through Residential Life. Our office and staff will not permit representatives from other companies into student rooms to remove items for storage or fall drop off. Please plan appropriately.

Recycling, Waste Management, and Donation Stations

Donating during Move Out is a great way to divert salvageable goods from landfills and build community. Your donations will be given to other Tufts students and to Medford/Somerville community members. Begin sorting through items for what you plan to donate, recycle, or throw away now. You will find that there are more items than you think! Early sorting, donating, and disposal of items will mean less trash build-up during closing and will enhance the sustainability and efficiency of our removal process.

For more information about how to dispose of different items, refer to the How-to-Recycle, Specialty Recycling, and Reuse pages of the Tufts Recycling Website.  You can also view the Tufts Eco-Map for information on dumpster locations, clothing donation drop-offs, and other campus specialty recycling locations. More information regarding how and when to donate during Move Out will be available in the coming weeks.

Late Stay and Summer 2021 Housing

The Office of Residential Life and Learning and the Dean of Student Affairs Office will be requesting that students interested in remaining on campus for exceptional circumstances or approved programs/summer school submit a request for late stay or summer housing via the Summer Session Extraordinary Housing Request Process. Summer housing will be available for the two summer sessions with a move in date shortly beforehand to allow for adequate quarantine before session. The Summer dates are as follows:

  • Session 1: May 26 - July 2. (Move In: May 20)
  • Session 2: July 6 - August 13 (Move In: June 30)
  • Full Summer: May 26 - August 13 (Move In: May 20)
  • Students who are currently in campus housing will transition into their summer placement as early as May 20th.

All students approved for late stay or summer housing will be required to move to consolidated spaces on campus.

Students currently in campus housing, as well as those students who will have a Fall housing assignment, will be allowed to remain on campus during the interim periods between the end of spring and beginning of summer, as well as the end of summer and beginning of fall. Staff will communicate transition dates with students, but it is anticipated that those dates will be within a few days of the start/end of the summer program. Students are expected to plan accordingly.

Students who do not have on campus Fall housing will need to vacate campus housing by 5pm on August 13th to allow staff to clean and prepare for the fall semester.

If you are a student participating in a summer program other than summer classes, please be sure to connect with the summer program coordinator for more information about your program's needs, dates, and housing offerings.

For more information on summer housing options, please review the Residential Life Seasonal Housing Page

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a graduate student living on-campus. Am I required to leave campus for summer?

Graduate students living in campus housing will be allowed to remain on campus until NOON on May 20, 2021. Graduate students who are interested in summer housing should be sure to complete the Summer Housing Extraordinary Request form to seek approval.

Can my family help me during move out?

Due to social distancing measures, we strongly encourage students to limit the number of family members assisting them with move-out to one (1) to two (2) people. Note that all move-out supporters/assistants will need to comply with Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations on travel and arrival to the state as well as posted signage throughout the campus.