What We Do

About Us 

At our core, we’re a team of people who are passionate about helping students learn, grow, and thrive. 

We serve all Arts, Sciences, and Engineering undergraduate and graduate students. We’re located on the seventh floor of Dowling, right by the Student Life ice cream freezer (really, there’s an ice cream freezer with treats—come visit us!). 

Philosophy & Approach 

You’re here at Tufts to learn, and that includes learning both inside and outside the classroom. As educators, we approach our work through the lens of student growth and development. We teach students to navigate challenging situations, understand and evaluate their options, and make decisions aligned with their goals and values. 

We know that sometimes life throws difficult things at you. We also know that Tufts students are thoughtful, kind, bright, creative, resourceful, and capable people—and we know that you can do difficult things. Together, we’ll help you mobilize your existing strengths and supports to build new skills, manage challenges, and feel confident that you will be able to handle whatever your life brings. 

Learning Objectives 

Through their work with us, we aim to help students build the skills, frameworks, and confidence they need to be independent, thoughtful, community-minded citizens.  

  • Students are able to assess their own needs, strengths, and challenges 
  • Students know how, when, and whom to ask for help 
  • Students understand and can articulate their own goals and values 
  • Students have the skills and frameworks to handle setbacks and challenges 
  • Students trust their own ability to make independent decisions 
  • Students can navigate complex institutions and access available resources 
  • Students understand how they fit into a larger community, and consider how their choices may impact others