Tufts in Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain
Program options: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Academic Year
Language of instruction: Spanish

The Tufts-in-Madrid program is offered as a semester- or year-long program of academic study. Students are strongly encouraged to choose the year-long option, and admission preference is given to those who do. The program is run jointly with Skidmore-in-Spain, although Tufts represents roughly 65% of participating students. Designed to suit students with a variety of academic interests, the program combines a curated curriculum of in-house, seminar-style courses with the opportunity to enroll in courses offered at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid is one of Spain's premier public institutions of higher education, offering courses in various disciplines across two campuses, including a selection of specially-designed courses for visiting students. Most Tufts students choose coursework in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. You may also take courses at local private academies in areas such as studio art, dance, music, or martial arts.

Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant capital cities, offering both a wealth of historical, architectural, and artistic treasures and the lifestyle of a modern, multicultural, and dynamic society.

Courses designed specifically for Tufts in Madrid are taught at the Madrid program center. A global leader in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice, the program offers courses that promote critical thinking, active learning, and the development of intercultural skills and knowledge, all within the framework of diversity, justice, and human rights. The program also offers a rigorous Global Internship Program with flexible credit options in the fields of community health, women’s advocacy, refugee and immigrant advocacy, international relations, human rights, journalism, diplomacy, education, environmental studies, scientific research, marketing, finance, and more. Additionally, the program offers education, mentoring and training in intercultural competency development. For more detailed program information, please check out the Tufts-Skidmore Spain website run by program staff in Madrid.

Program Staff

Director: Susan Sánchez Casal, PhD, Hispanic Studies, University of California, Riverside.

Deputy Director: Mayte de las Heras Martínez, MA., Autonomous University of Madrid.


Well-prepared undergraduates (normally juniors, but occasionally some sophomores and seniors) who meet the general eligibility requirements and who have completed Spanish 4 or the equivalent of four semesters of college-level Spanish may apply to the program. Those who have completed 21 and 22 (Composition and Conversation) will have access to additional advanced coursework. The majority of students who participate in the program major in International Relations, Economics, Psychology, and Spanish. A variety of other majors are represented from the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. All program courses are taught in Spanish. Several university courses are taught in English.


$41,001 for a semester, $82,002 for the academic year includes:

  • Orientation program
  • Full room and board with an excellent host family (winter and spring breaks excluded). Includes an individual room, two meals per day with the host family, monthly meal stipend, laundry, and WiFi
  • Full tuition and fees at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)Use of UCM facilities including library, sports, computers, email, and activities
  • Global Internship Program
  • A selection of in-house/program courses each semester
  • Intercultural training and mentoring
  • In-house language tutor
  • Peer tutor program with local students
  • Spanish peer mentors
  • Monthly transportation pass
  • Spanish medical insurance, full coverage with no co-pays nor exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Off-site counseling services
  • A stipend for students to use towards sports/fitness, music, dance, and art classes.
  • A stipend for travel within Spain
  • Three expenses-paid excursions each semester to different regions of Spain
  • Unlimited reimbursement for cultural events such as plays, films, cultural exhibits, and museums
  • European Youth Card
  • Please note that airfare and certain other travel costs (visas, etc.) are not included; student is responsible for these charges.


Students normally enroll in four courses each semester. Here are some general guidelines:

  • You are encouraged to take at least one class at the Spanish University. The language course designed by the program, Advanced Spanish Language Studies, is equivalent to Spanish 121 and is required for most students. The course is offered at the program center and includes a special focus on pronunciation, phonetics, and grammatical precision. Your language level will be assessed before arrival, upon arrival, and at the end of the semester.
  • The Advanced Spanish Language Studies for Heritage Learners course is required for heritage students and modeled on the assumption that heritage learners bring unique resources to language learning that should be incorporated into the classroom. It includes a focus on the sociocultural context of heritage speaking in the U.S. and in Spain.
  • You are welcome to choose as many program courses as you like. A typical student usually takes one or two university courses and two to three program courses per semester. All program courses have coordinated activities outside of class (selected events, films, lectures, and exhibits currently available in Madrid).
  • In addition to the above, students usually choose one or two courses from among the course offerings of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • You may opt to take a course at a private academy, with or without credit, in areas such as studio art, dance, music, or martial arts.
  • The Global Internship Program is available to both semester and full-year students. You may take an internship for full, half, or no credit.

Course Information


Program Courses are all taught at the Madrid program center.

  • Advanced Spanish Language Studies
  • Advanced Spanish Language Studies for Heritage Speakers
  • Identity and Intersectionality in Spain: Gender, Sexuality, Race/Ethnicity and Migration
  • In Women's Words: Feminist Literary Discourse in Spain and the Americas
  • Sketchbook: Walking in the City (taught at locations throughout the city)
  • Black Lives Matter in Spain
  • Reading at the Crossroads: Race, Gender, Class & Otherness in Hispanic Literatures
  • The Imagined Voice: A Creative Writing Course
  • Queer Cultures in Spain

University Courses

Universidad Complutense de Madrid: www.ucm.es 

Courses specially designed for visiting students are in the Reunidas Program.

Program Details

Accommodations and Meals


You will be individually placed with a host family according to your preferences as indicated on an extensive housing questionnaire and in the interview with the program director. Host families are carefully selected and monitored to make sure they meet program standards. You will have breakfast and either lunch or dinner with your host family and receive a monthly meal stipend for meals you eat outside the home.

Student Residence

You will be placed in a student residence in an individual room with private bathroom, small refrigerator, and microwave. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be eaten in the student dining hall; to-go food can be arranged with advance notice. No monthly meal stipend is provided.


The program runs an orientation program in late August/early September and late January designed to help you begin to adapt to Spanish culture and society, to inform you about policies and procedures including safety and security measures, and to prepare you for student life at a Spanish university. During orientation, you will be introduced to your Spanish peer mentors, who will help guide and inform you throughout the semester.

Student Activities

Students are strongly encouraged to be active in the vibrant cultural life of Madrid, and the program staff offer abundant informational resources and support for student activities and wellness. The program also offers unlimited cultural reimbursement for you to attend plays, films, art exhibits, other cultural activities, and set stipends for activities and travel within Spain. The program organizes three all-expense paid excursions per semester. Please read more about student activities and opportunities for community involvement at the Tufts-Skidmore in Spain website.

Program Dates

Dates are approximate and subject to change.

The fall-semester program runs from early September through late December; the spring-semester program runs from late January to late May.

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