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Tufts Global Education Events

Tufts Global Education hosts various types of events throughout the year and our most common events are listed below.

Education Abroad Fair

Our annual Education Abroad Fair in September brings representatives from over twenty-five Tufts and external programs to the Medford campus. This event will be of particular interest to first-years and sophomores who wish to learn about various semester- and year-long options for education abroad, but all class years and majors are welcome. 

First Steps Meetings

First Steps is an essential part of the planning process for study abroad—providing an overview of program types, factors to consider, applications and deadlines, as well as other information related to the general study abroad process. 

If you are considering study abroad, First Steps is mandatory (ideally in your first or second year at Tufts to allow ample time to plan). You may complete First Steps online or attend an in-person session. In-person sessions will allow time to ask some general questions about preparing for study abroad and selecting a program. Check calendar for exact dates and locations.

Tufts Programs Abroad Information Sessions 

Tufts Programs Abroad information sessions provide an opportunity to learn more about each of our ten program offerings, hear from program alumni, and meet the program Directors. Come with questions about the application process and the program experience. These sessions are especially targeted to sophomores preparing to attend a Tufts Programs Abroad during their junior year and are typically offered in the first half of the fall semester. 

External Program Presentations and Q&A Sessions

Representatives from external programs occasionally visit campus to present about their programs. These presentations may be scheduled to follow a First Steps meeting; however, attendance at an external program presentation does not satisfy the First Steps requirement as they are specific to the program and do not cover any of the Tufts policies or procedures.

Tufts Global Education also hosts external study abroad information sessions with a Q&A format. These sessions are a great way to learn more about the external study abroad process and provides an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Pre-Departure Meetings 

Pre-departure meetings cover critical information—emergencies, health and safety, travel documents, transfer of credit, and more—to help prepare students who will be studying abroad in the coming semester. Most pre-departure meetings will be conducted virtually toward the end of every semester, and while some meetings are mandatory, others may be optional. It is important that you read all communications from Tufts Global Education to ensure that you do not miss any mandatory pre-departure meetings.