Apply to a Tufts Short-Term Program

Apply to an External Short-Term Program

In addition to submitting an application directly to the program provider, Tufts students are required to register each short-term study abroad program they apply to with Tufts Global Education. You will be required to register each program for which you request TGE’s assistance. We encourage you to thoroughly research your options to find a program that best suits your needs and avoid applying to multiple short-term programs during the same term (unless you plan to attend two separate programs in sequential order). We also recommend submitting your application well in advance of the deadline as many summer program application deadlines fall within the same timeframe as final exams. 

By registering your short-term program, you will: 

  1. receive institutional support for your external application;
  2. be eligible to transfer credit earned on the program back to Tufts University; and 
  3. have access to International SOS, which provides Tufts University travelers with health care and medical and security assistance services worldwide 24 hours a day.  

Please be sure to review Tufts academic and transfer of credit policies, as well as our financial considerations page, which includes information on various funding opportunities for study abroad.

Academic Policies Funding Opportunities 

Register a Short-Term Program

To register a program:  

  1. Log in to the Tufts Global Education portal at with your Tufts ID and search for the Independent Summer Study application for the year in which you wish to go abroad.  

    Note: You are not applying to a short-term program by selecting this option, but registering your program with Tufts Global Education. Unfortunately, the online portal does not allow us to update this verbiage.  

  2. Enter the information requested, including program name, a link to their website, start and end dates, and program contact information, then submit the Independent Summer Study Registration application. This will automatically change your application status to 'Registered'. 
  3. TGE receives notification of your Independent Summer Study registration and reviews your eligibility.
  4. Application status changes to "Approved to Apply to External Program" and Pre-Departure requirements appear in your Tufts portal. At this stage, TGE will be able to sign any Home School Approval/Nomination forms that are required for you to submit the program provider's application. Note that TGE requires at least two weeks to complete any external program approval forms.
  5. Log in to the registration portal and click the 'Commit' button for the program you are 100% committed to attending.* This is a critical step in the event that you have submitted more than one application.**
  6. Finalize the requested Pre-Departure checklist items for the program to which you have committed.
  7. Review the 'Academics' tab adjacent to this one to ensure that you are aware of all relevant Tufts University policies, including transfer credit policies, governing participation in a summer program abroad.

*Should your plans change at any point in the process, you are required to notify Tufts Global Education in writing at

** Students who do not successfully 'commit' to a program and/or do not complete all requested pre-departure items in the Tufts registration portal will have their application withdrawn and Tufts Global Education will contact the program to formally rescind support of your application. 

Request Tufts Global Education Support with External Applications

As part of the application process, many programs will request a home school authorization form to confirm that you are in good academic and disciplinary standing and whether courses on the program are eligible for transfer credit.  

  • For online forms: List Aliki Karagiannis (, Assistant Director, as your institutional contact. This should prompt the program’s application system to send us the form directly.  

  • For PDF or paper forms: Email to for completion. Please fill out your portion of the form before emailing it to TGE as we cannot sign blank documents.   

Tufts Global Education requires a minimum of two weeks to complete the home school authorization form; the form cannot be signed until a community standards check has been completed. Additionally, we will not be able to submit the form if you have not yet registered your program in the TGE application portal.