Health and Wellness

Health Insurance (Students with Family Contributions $10,000 and below)

All students are required to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at Tufts. Students who don't have access to health insurance can receive coverage by Tufts. The fee for this insurance is added to your bill and should be waived if you have coverage already.

If your medical insurance coverage will not transfer to Tufts and you can't cover the cost of the Tufts Health Insurance, you may qualify for a Health Insurance Grant if your family contribution is $10,000 or less. Please contact your Financial Aid Counselor to request a health insurance grant.

Co-pays and treatment costs (Students with Family Contributions $10,000 and below)

We understand that good health is essential during your time at Tufts and that the costs to maintain good health can be prohibitive. Students with an expected family contribution of $10,000 and below are eligible to receive a total of $300 over every 12-month period (starting with the date of the first request) in reimbursements for health and wellness co-pays.

Eligible students need to scan receipts to to request a reimbursement. Any student with a medical need who cannot cover the co-pay cost at the time of the appointment should contact Jared Smith, Director of FIRST.

Winter Housing Needs (All Tufts Students)

Student needing to stay on campus during Winter Break need to register to stay by visiting the Office of Residence Life and Learning. Once registered, those with current meal plans will receive some support for food during this period.

Please note: The Financial Resources outlined here are offered through are available to undergraduate students only.