Location: Beijing, China
Program option: fall semester*
Language of instruction: Chinese (Mandarin) and English

*COVID restrictions may impact availability; read more about the special Tufts@BNU program

The Tufts-in-China program began in 2002 at Zhejiang University in the city of Hangzhou. With a strong curriculum and a robust program of extracurricular activities, Tufts in China has attracted over one hundred and seventy students since its inception, a number of whom are gainfully and happily employed in China today.

Beginning in fall 2018, the program was renamed 'Tufts in Beijing,' as it moved to Beijing in partnership with Beijing Normal University. Renowned for its rich educational resources, BNU is a leader in developing talent of exceptional intellect and creativity. BNU has nearly 10,000 undergraduate students, with roughly 1,800 international students from over 100 countries. Its College of Chinese Language and Culture, where Tufts in Beijing is based, is hailed as one of the foremost 'National centers for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.' 

In addition to intensive language training, Tufts in Beijing also offers culture courses taught in English, volunteer and internship opportunities in Beijing, and a study-tour program that enables extensive cultural exploration and the opportunity to learn about China from a unique vantage point. The program's combination of curricular and co-curricular opportunities are designed to provide participants with an in-depth and enriching academic and cultural experience.

The vibrancy and abundance of cultural resources in the city of Beijing, along with the high level of academic support at Beijing Normal University, make Tufts in Beijing a unique study-abroad opportunity for students of Chinese language and culture.

Program Staff

Director: TBD

The on-site director advises students on academic and extracurricular matters and organizes special trips and activities.


The Tufts-in-Beijing program is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors who meet the general eligibility requirements and who have completed Chinese 4 (or the equivalent) by the time of departure. Tufts in Beijing is open to students from all majors.


$39,605 for fall semester includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from the continental United States.
  • Three-week orientation program with language study, lectures, workshops, and excursions.
  • Full room and board.
  • Full tuition and fees at Beijing Normal University.
  • Cultural events and excursions.
  • Extracurricular activities such as sports, performances, and clubs.
  • Allowance for books and photocopies.